Halo the cole protocol

I didn't like how it switched main characters every chapter, it's dry points do to pure drama, and the characters that the author killed off. I could understand why: Usually prophets stay in the safety of High Charity , the Covenant "homeworld".

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The Cole Protocol was way ahead of its time! | Halo Universe | Forums | Halo - Official Site

This is mainly because they were mass produced in order to be sent out on high cost missions, usually ending in death. Major Watanabe is killed, and Keyes barely escapes the planet. Purportedly derivative as it is from a game known for bloodshed and action this was tame fare indeed with action scenes rarely filled out or detailed. It was the last novel published under the contract with Tor Books and has been available to the public since November 25th, Oct 08, Taco rated it it was amazing.

Worse than it should have been. While the premise of the book was an interesting one and the story worked hard to maintain the same breakneck pace that the games hold, the constant jumping back and forth between three or four different groups all doing their own, but related, things every couple pages for the latter half was rather jarring and at times tiresome to keep up with. I felt really angry at the top human rebel who conspired with the aliens becaus he cause so much destruction of human lives.

Having plots doesn't make a novel well-written, it makes it convoluted. Keyes leaves first, taking the armor of an Hapo and jumping into space, using his rifle to maneuver.

For an established, honorable, full-grown Sangheli master warrior, he has more self-doubt than an unggoy asked to design a nuclear reactor.

He pprotocol an "Innie" trade ship and destroys it, saves a lot of Orotocol shock troopers in the process. If you only have time to read one book in the series this might not be the one.

The Rubble had no official military force but instead had the Rubble Defense Forcewhich was essentially coe glorified militia. I'm familiar with the content, the story, etc, but I haven't read the book yet. Some of the links in the page above are "affiliate links. Among them is Navy Lieutenant Jacob Keyes.

Lieutenant Keyes is my favorite character along the members of the Spartan Gray Team and I hope to further adventures involving them. In other books there was always the idea in the back of your head that the main character Master Chief always had the legendary Plot armour. But the Prophets have also sent their best, most ambitious and ruthless Elite, whose quest for nobility and rank is matched only by his brutality But there were just too many slow spots and it was hard to stay focused and not get bored at times.

Paperbackpages. Keyes has been training cadets though, due to a terrible injury sustained aboard another ship he commanded, which was destroyed by the Covenant. But the Prophets have also sent their best, most ambitious and ruthless Elitewhose quest for nobility and rank is matched only by his brutality To do that, however, Julianna informs them that the Kig-yar surface defenses must be destroyed.

It was also sad at how the main charcters had to abandon friends in order to save themselves. Delgado learns of the Kestrela ship under the command of Peter Bonifacioa known smuggler who is also on the Security Council. He attempts to hail them, and is momentarily glad to watch them turn towards him, but is horrified when a cruiser effortlessly vaporizes his pod.

As his team arrives to The Rubble, on of his bridge crew reveals their true identity and shoots the captain of Keyes' ship.

Tobias Buckell

They lacked the style that the originals games had, but the novels somewhat filled that void. They need to briefly capture one of the Kig-yar ships to find their plans.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dec 15, Raymond Hu rated it really liked orotocol Shelves: I immediately remembered the Infiltration harness from Halo: A human insurrectionist settlement has encountered the Covenant and not only survived the encounter but begun trade with them.

This is to keep the Covenant from finding Earth. Keyes is almost forced to leave Charbdus 9, but he and his crew and a few other small ships manage to delay the invasion only slightly.

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