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Just 3 simple steps: By George Norman on Oct 19 No need to click links manually anymore -- in Fast Directory Submitter v2 you can fully automate this process. The credits you'll purchase will be automatically transferred to your account in Fast Directory Submitter.

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Fast Directory Submitter 2.0

The program also suggests the right category submittrr place your link into. Fast Directory Submitter supports multi tabbed browsing in the manual submission mode. Just 3 simple steps: With Fast Directory Submitter, you put in your site profile only once and then click "Submit" in each directory. In this report we reveal secret tricks of website search engine optimization. Here are some of exciting features we added to Fast Directory Submitter v2 you won't find some of them in any competitor's program: Download and install Fast Directory Submitter Create an account, add your sites Start your submission.

Fast Directory Submitter - Any good?

To increase your approve rate, create a new email address on the same domain that you will be submitting to directories. If your link has the same title anchor text in all the directories, Google sees that link as spam and will discount it heavily.

All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. If you own a website and direcctory looking for ways to generate traffic towards your direftory, then you've probably heard about directory submission -- one of the most preferred methods of link building used by webmasters to increase the credibility of their website.

You can have a report about your submission campaign at any time. You can run up to 10 browsers within the submitter and greatly speed up the submission process.

Fast Directory Submitter | One Way Link Building Software

With smart build-in features of Fast Directory Submitter, you can save a lot of your time, money and generate natural traffic to your site. If you have not time then you can hire any professional manual submission provider. I'm not expecting to achieve results in a couple of weeks but I was impressed that by increasing my external links fromwhich is what it was before I started to use FDS, to today - just by using FDS, that my Google position has gone up from 11 to 8 - and I haven't done anything else other than use FDS.

To purchase a credit: Then you just click "Submit" button and go to the next directory. That Google mostly ignores links from most directories now. Before you start submitting your website to directories, please, take time to read these quick tips: I am really happy with FSD because, having employed all the SEO tools that I can find, over the last three years on my website, I had been unable to achieve a Google position of higher than 11 out of 11, web sites for my keyword.

If the submission to some directories failed in the express mode, use the manual submission mode to re-submit the site to those directories. Here is what our customers say about Fast Directory Submitter For your convenience you can assign a custom color to each submission status in Fast Directory Submitter if you wish to use a color coding system to keep track of your submissions or anything else.

If you use a different e-mail address to purchase credits, you'll need to send your login email address and order ID to G-Lock Software support team to have your account upgraded.

Purchase upgrade credits for Fast Directory Submitter

Please be aware FindMySoft. Your order will be processed by RegNow.

If so, will Google penalise me for this. The credits you'll purchase will be automatically transferred to your account in Fast Driectory Submitter. Directory submission is the key to building your website one-way links and increasing your site popularity with search engines! Unlike other directory submission software we don't include the directories which charge a submission fee or require a reciprocal link as well as the directories that come from the same IP address.

When your order is complete, you will receive a notification via e-mail.

Terms of Use Privacy. Fast Directory Submitter - Free Download. Fast Directory Submitter 2.

Terms of Use Privacy.

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