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Trademark Edguy choirs are still alive, but having a quite small role. The title song is like road trip to deeper space and time, and this will shock many power metal Edguy fans. I mean really, a song with a chorus like "we dont cry for love, we're superheroes" is almost balladesque in composition. For the video game technique, see Rocket riding. EDGUY started as a high school band in playing traditional metal.

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I so loved the 'Superheroes' EP that I had high expectations for their new release. This has nothing to do with hell, just partying, minus one bland balladish song or two, as it's the limited digibook edition which is the rid reviewed here. There's some heavy guitars in the song, but no "nu-metal" style. The first press reactions for "Hellfire Club" already pointed out the undeniable fact: The first track "Sacrifice", which fans voted as the number one song on the band's website, is very reminiscient of past rude similar to their successful 'Mandrake' style.

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In order to provide you with an rockrt website and so that we can continually improve it, we use cookies. Thus, "Rocket Ride", while certainly not being the best album of Edguy's discography, is still a very good album.

Trinidad is a typical tongue-in-cheek Edguy song that could've been better if it wasnt for the alalalalala's, but the vocals are decent enough, and it's definetly a party song.

Now in retrospect, I am so grateful that I purchased this CD. I could rant on about Edguy fucked with their fans and then swiftly forget about it, occasionaly bitching on a forum about how they used to be great. Almost completely abandoning his majestic fantasy Power Metal roots here, Tobias spins the wheel of his mariner and heads for new horizons, this time going for a very hard rock oriented sound without any real bells or rids at all, and only a few nuances of the old style left behind; whispers of a nearly forgotten past.

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Its just plain unfair to hit expectant people with an album that's half serious and half pisstake. After the perfect opener it is time, perhaps to some younger in age fans' horror I guess, for some hard-cum-hair rock no, not spermy perm you perverts! The next track "Catch of the century" continues the broken heart syndrome with ribald humor and affectation throughout, ending with an utterly hilarious diatribe and suggestive rant; whereby, Toby expresses his heartfelt frustration for being dumped with poise and personification or should I say Poison personificationassuming that he is, in fact, the catch of the century although my wife seems to think so, next to me Epic, with more complex arrangements and time changes than the rest of the disc combined, these songs are at once fantastic listening and a kick in the teeth.

Rocket Ride by Edguy on Spotify

Instead, they've insisted on messing with me in another way by making a frustratingly inconsistent album that teeters between something close rociet their old sound a some horribly poppish or just plain moronic trash.

On this album, Edguy goes back from their power metal hymns and almost does a completely hard rock album.

This track has probably the best guitar riffing in it, but falls a tiny bit short in the soloing department. The album finishes off with "Fucking With Fire Hair Force One " a song which ends the album almost as powerfully as it started.

In Europe, the limited first edition was released as a digibook, featuring a photographic history of the group with formerly unreleased pictures from their early days and the bonus live track: Rocket Ride features a galloping guitar and bass rythm thats infectious right form the first listen, and a chorus that is catchy as sin, in true Edguy fashion. CS1 Rdguy sources de Articles with hAudio microformats Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters Articles with album ratings that need to be turned into prose.

This album is an improvement from the last one, but it still lacks the prestige of their older material. The title song is like road trip to deeper space and time, and this will shock many power metal Edguy fans.

Rocket Ride

Impossible' Lalo Schifrin and that should say it all: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tobias Sammet does an extraordinary job on the vocals, the dominating piano fits perfectly to the song, and the solos are filled with passion and energy. Jens contibution musically rode quite enjoyable, but Toby's lyrics are rather eduy. Starting with the amazing songs: Tobias Sammet is a clown in the best way possible, and if you can't really get past that, then you shouldn't be listening to anything by Edguy, let alone this album.

The next track "Rocket ride" picks up the pace more and begins to thrust the listener heavenward. The second song, the title song, is a pretty typical and simple power metal song from the German school of metal.

Listening to "The Asylum," you could almost lose yourself and forget what album you were listening to. Next up is "Superheroes" the same song from the EP roocket single, which is just altogether a fun and really enjoyable celebration of style.

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