Bruce lee quest of the dragon

The voice samples and voice acting are well done. Quest of the Dragon was such a highly anticipated title and worthy of such star treatment that Microsoft featured the game on the inside cover of its initial batch of game catalogs that shipped with the Xbox. Quest of the Dragon does not do justice to the martial arts legend. The story is nonsensical and Bruce Lee feels weaker than he should be, which is an insult. Bruce Lee probably wouldn't approve of this game.

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Quest of the Dragon was such a highly anticipated title and worthy of such star treatment that Microsoft featured the quesr on the inside cover of its initial batch of game catalogs that shipped with the Xbox. The music is good but could've been so much better.

Investigate the mysterious Black Lotus crime organization and the beautiful and deadly You are Bruce Pf, legendary martial arts master. Up until then, movies involving the martial arts were cheesy low budget crap usually imported from Asia.

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Other games by Universal Interactive. You'll have to stand still and wait for them to come to you. To me Thee was superhuman capable of doing things that most of us can only dream about, yet somehow the equally fantastic world of videogames once again has crushed that legacy. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The best thing I can say about this game is that drsgon managed to get the sound of Bruce Lee's battle cries right.

By using this dragkn, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A unique lock-on targeting system will allow you to take on several enemies at once, as only the master could, and besting enemies will net you tokens which can be used to purchase new moves.

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

The enemies are aggressive enough that they'll gain a huge advantage and land several combos on you if you're too slow to the punch. Quest of the Dragon Nruce Lee: Innovative Move Upgrade System where players purchase new moves from the tokens earned after enemies are defeated.

What kind of nonsense is that? Universal Interactive Release Date: Even when you're fighting on a dance floor with dozens of brice color lights all around, the game will display only this one blue-tinted ambient lighting effect. The lighting in the game is a joke, because the same generic lighting effect with an occasional change in color is used throughout the entire game.

Bruce Lee's teacher explains that all this was the work of the Black Lotus gang, which has also kidnapped Lee's father. In addition, eight different martial-arts styles will be represented, including Lee's own Jeet Kune Do. Way of the Dragon Game of Death. Much to our dismay and to fans of the legendary actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee has arrived on the Xbox in name brkce.

The voice samples and voice acting are well done. Hey guys stop saying that this game sucks or graphics are bad I was really disappointed with ques title, especially since it was hyped heavily as a launch game and while the idea was noteworthy, we still have yet to have a standout adventure game with a full on fighting engine.

At one point, I had Bruce extremely low on health with a boss battle coming up. You'll be able to recognize a jumping reverse roundhouse kick versus a spinning back punch but neither will be too terribly exciting.

Don't waste your money buying this game. No surround sound to speak of which isn't necessarily bad because there's no tradition of immersing sound in a fighting game just yet.

Some of the drzgon enemies will trap themselves up against a wall, while others will just remain standing outside of the invisible barrier that prevents you from reaching them. I came into this game not expecting much, but they delivered worse than what I asked for. Views Read Edit View history. The N64 and PSX could've presented this game's graphics given enough development time. Bruce Lee's fighting animations are dragpn but nothing that reminds you that you're playing an Xbox game.

In fact, the quets of unintuitive controls and tons of technical and graphical glitches had me convinced that we had an early rough version of the game.

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