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Puts the Wars back in Star Wars, this one. It was not a true rumour. Unleash hell DOOM Send demons back to hell with this fast-paced return of the classic arcade shooter.

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September 18, Format: Activision At the time of COD 2, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan and Stalingrad were go-to touchstones, resulting in a game with no less bombast than its bug-eyed modern-day successors, but a more elegant tone with its mind on sadness as shootkng it was spectacle.

Gunslinger was made and sold as something of a budget game, so be aware going in that there are compromises. Quake is an aesthetic as much as it is a game, and that glorious aesthetic shines like a new sun in the grim quasi-photoreal darkness of You should probably steer clear of the original Marathon release in favour of open source, streamlined and prettified version Aleph One — with which you can use all three original Too games for free. Blackout Free Overkill 3. Steamor second-hand on disc.

With some shock outcomes, it also introduced a new sense of mortality to our usually superhuman shooter protagonists. Steam or Originand on disc.

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Intense battles, determined enemies and crazy challenges are waiting for a skilled fighter like you! There is always a learning curve when you play a shooter on a touch screen. Or you could call it World of Warcraft: Of course, a good shooter is not just about the shooting. Looking for FPS games and more action? Dev commentary on Republic Commandoretro: The map is massive and scattered with drivable cars, small towns to explore, and secrets to discover.

Shooting Games

One fine day, Blizzard decided that they wanted to take over multiplayer shooters. Bethesda Softworks Prey is set aboard a space station with gooey aliens who have the ability to mimic whatever they desire. Controls are responsive and targeting is aided by tapping a button to aim down sights, a nice feature for those with big fingers.

The addition of a story mode and a more prominent in-game progression scale has given the shoot-em-up zombie runner a breath of fresh air making it a delight to play. It features fantastic graphics, tons of guns to collect and upgrade, tons of bad guys, a 20 hour single player campaign along with side questsand RPG-style character development.

Atari A scene as much as it is a game. Everything is built on the foundation of movement and observation. Loves playing games from all eras, and still has a working Atari in his basement.

15 best shooting games for Android

You can pick up some super pixel weapons such as a rocket launcher and machine gun to unleash devastation on online opponents and zombies alike. They took one look at human beings and decided: A night or week, or month of fast-paced, highly-competitive running and gunning, or anyone who wants to see Jeff Goldblum as a zombie-slaughtering magician.

Steam or GoGor you can settle for the free shareware version. The New Order, or the demon-bashing moderno-Doom, also from Bethesda.

Isolationthe Spectrum version of Alienall about the Xenomorph They have a good collection of excellent games, including the Shadowgun series, Unkilled, Dead Trigger 1 and 2, and others.

The game is among the best stealth shooting games out there. Quake 3 Arena These are enemy-controlled villages which you can take down separate from the main storyline, challenging yourself to outwit different kinds of AI enemy using the box of toys the game has provided. Free - Download Now Into the Dead 2. sgooting

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