Alias smith and jones

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Heyes and the Kid become involved with a friendly rancher in a not-so-friendly poker game. When the Kid travels alone and seems destined to be thrown in jail for not having enough money to pay for his drink, a mild-mannered female teacher rescues him. A group of men, among them Heyes and the Kid, witness an old man lose consciousness because of the weight of all the gold he was carrying.

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Larson Jo Swerling, Jr. Heyes and Curry become the pawns of two greedy ranchers who have a running feud about the ownership of a Roman bust and a smiyh of land. Game on, Charles 5.

Now Heyes, the Kid and the miner must get back to civilization. They decide to go there and investigate, since their amnesty is at stake. Heyes and Curry play on that, telling her that McCreedy is a Catholic widower and piling on the soft soap some of which is actually true. The TV series also featured a group of robbers called the Devil's Hole Gang, loosely based on the Hole in the Wall Gang from which Cassidy recruited most of his outlaws.

Universal contract player Ben Murphy was offered to the producers because he was considered a Paul Newman lookalike.

Gregg Palmer guest stars.

Alias Smith and Jones Cast and Characters | TV Guide

The Walking Dead 4. Judy Carne and Tom Ewell guest star. The cousins find the straight and narrow difficult. Cameron Mitchell Wyatt Earp. Archived from the original on 16 June That way he gives them the name of the woman who said that it was Heyes and the Kid who stole the money. Heyes and the Kid are taken prisoner by a stationmaster, who is then forced to do battle with a gang of outlaws who are anxious to claim the twenty thousand dollar reward money on Heyes' and The Kid's heads.

Heyes survives, but the killer dies — and Curry figures out the truth. But can they persuade the smiling man to return their share of the gold? Tired and weary, Heyes and the Kid discover that they are accused of burgling a bank.

Alias Smith and Jones

The Show Must Go on: She is convinced that Billy and his friend Caleb are dead. It was made in the same spirit as many other American TV series of the time, from Huggins' own The Fugitive to Renegadeabout fugitives on the run across America who get involved in the personal lives of the people they meet. Also present are a professional bounty hunter who also wants the diamond, and the sheriff who caught the original thief.

The series consisted of forty-eight 60 minute episodes and two 90 minute episodes. The posse reluctantly gives them up, and the leader of the posse will not leave their side.

Not discussing their ultimate goal, they keep Heyes and the Kid and the others tied up, just waiting. A mine supervisor has a particular interest in getting Zulick back to Arizona, but won't explain why.

Views Read Edit View history. Making a Murderer 6. Jack Albertson Judge Hanley. Joanna Barnes Janet Judson, Mrs. They are forced to rely on Heyes's silver tongue, Curry's fast draw, and occasionally a little help from friends on both sides of the law.

Jane Wyatt Sister Julia. Alias Smith and Jones title card. Heyes asks, "That's a good deal? Robert Hamner and John Thomas James. While evading a posse, Heyes and the Kid meet up with Harry Briscoe, who's been fired from Bannerman Detectives; they help him and themselves by letting Harry "arrest" them before the posse does.

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