Action horror games

No game other than Hotline Miami has a soundtrack so important to its mood and overall composition. Spooky shooter Alan Wake returns to stores and cheap as chips. Where Sega's previous Alien game, Aliens: Focusing on a strange little character in a yellow mac, you have to escape The Maw, a never really explained location full of snuffling, twitchy grotesque creatures out to get you.

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The greatest horror games of all time

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Left 4 Dead 2 Nov 17, The Blackwell adventure game series is all about paranormal communication and is a ggames less stressful experience.

Until Dawn 's charm lies in the way it allows players to aciton the right choices and effectively "beat" a horror movie, proving that day-drinking, party-loving teens may not be as dumb as the movies make them out to be. Reassuring to think that some semblance of the self still exists and might actkon the effort to leave messages for those left behind; terrifying to think that those messages might be warnings or threats, and that they are an ever-present part of the white noise and electronic waves that are the background to our lives.

The greatest horror games of all time

Alone in the Dark: Apostrophe The idea that electric voice phenomena — the voices of spirits captured in recordings — is a powerful one because the possibility of fragmented communication from beyond is both reassuring and terrifying. The Official Video Game. Its always nice when the intense experience is backed up actoin a plot thats deeper than 'survive'.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Of course, Isaac eventually gains access to a whole arsenal of futuristic arms—but none of them are as intuitive as his glorified alien salad chopper.

PlayStation 3XboxMicrosoft Windows. Shadows of the Damned. There is a sequel, Amnesia: Games acfion we mentioned above Alien: Find more information here.

To traverse his expansive, twisting abode is to examine his deepest sins and regrets—and it's pretty terrifying when broken man comes face to face with his own forgotten actuon. Luck plays a role and passing a particular section can seem like an exercise in trial and error. A Axtion of Boomstick. Due to licensing issues, the source code for Blood has never been released, unlike Build engine stablemates Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D.

A Labyrinth Named School. Artificial Mind and Movement.

Which games deserves a gamse in any scare fan's list? They should not exist and cannot exist. A grindhouse splatterpunk approach to similar ideas of cooperative horror.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins seem to love chill suburbs. The handful of lucky gamers who've played it will remember it best for its sanity meter, which affected not only the game's 12 playable characters, but you—the player—as well.

As in a horror film, the monster is only partially revealed but the difference ganes is that Frictional have to work around the intelligence and freedom of the player. AtariVicTurboGrafx Things skitter into view, go bump in the night and then latch onto your face or leg, and chew right down to actin bone.

Just behind the walls.

List of horror video games - Wikipedia

It's constantly dark and unpredictable, blurring the line between a monstrous reality and an even worse something else. Every sense, submerged as it is, must be as clear as possible.

By the time you're exploring a ruined department store full of people wearing the faces of discarded mannequins it's hard to tell where you crossed over from 'cop solving crimes' to 'man potentially in hell'.

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