Hypnosis induction scripts

The initial induction process is all about getting the client to relax, and, as many people have completely forgotten how to do this, you do need to help them out a little; most people are a lot tenser than they realize. As you relax I wonder if you can recall, how does it feel when you are so completely relaxed that you lose awareness of your body. You will notice that their eyes will be contracted at first, then their pupils will dilate shortly after, due to the consensual adjustment of their eyes. As a simple exercise, we have systematically relaxed your entire body, and this has been very easy for you to do.

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I'm an avid practitioner of NLP and covert hypnosis and have used these techniques to improve relationships and finances for myself and others.

To accomplish this, as soon as you have finished the escalator script continue you with the following. Share on Twitter Tweet.

Beginning to awaken now, aware of my voice and the room around you. Half way down the escalator now, relaxing so easily, each number taking you deeper and deeper into trance. So comfortable and relaxed. Now that your eyes are closed, I would like you to continue listening to the sound of my voice as you continue to relax. Just hovering there waiting. As I count down slowly, each number that I count takes you even deeper into trance, and the deeper into trance you go sscripts more relaxed you become.

Perhaps one of the most important suggestions that you should include at this stage is that your client will be able to get back into this state easily. If you have their consent, you can use these techniques to practice on your friends, but as the author of this material I can accept no responsibility for your actions.

More and more relaxed as your eyes begin to feel so tired. Almost at the bottom now, and as you reach the bottom you can step off the escalator easily and naturally, the moment you step off the escalator you fall into a deep, deep trance. Clamber upon the indduction now and allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into the soft comfort. And closed, each time you open them it becomes more and more difficult.

When the eyes no longer open at all go onto the next section 1. You are still able to think thoughts, thoughts can be thought, but you do not have to think them, as hynposis listen to the sound of my voice you may like to imagine your thoughts floating away, as though they are tied to a helium filled balloon that carries them effortlessly into the distance.

At the very bottom now, as you step off the escalator you become ten times as scipts, going even deeper into trance. Relaxing the client Before you actually begin the hypnotic process it is a good idea to have your client do a few physical relaxation exercises.


You are safe and secure here, safe to relax completely, and no matter how deeply you go into trance, my voice will go with you. At this stage, due to relaxation, they will be more susceptible to suggestion than in normal waking consciousness; however, to ensure the hypnosis is successful you need to deepen the trance state. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to have them tense and relax their muscles.

Further down the escalator now, effortlessly gliding down into trance. Do not be overly forceful, or your client may object to being ordered about and resist.

A Complete Induction Script for Hypnotizing Anyone

A hypnsis of bad habits are extremely difficult to erase. This will prove valuable in all situations, but it is essential for stage hypnosis. In order to be in a better financial position, good business skills are a must. It may affect a person to the point where it has a negative impact on their life. The induction script You are sitting here listening to the sound of my voice, perhaps wondering how it is that you are going to go into trance.

This is just a matter of altering your mind which is entirely possible and sdripts by implementing these hypnosis scripts for confidence. If a situation arose where a person was left in a very deep state of trance they would either wake the moment the hypnotist leaves, wake because of boredom, lack of comfort or a full bladder, or, if they are very tired, fall into normal sleep and wake in the morning as usual. If you can talk you can hypnotize.

As a simple exercise, we have systematically relaxed your entire body, and this has been very easy for you to do.

As you relax I wonder if you can recall, how does it feel when you are so completely relaxed that you lose awareness of your body. The more relaxed you become the deeper into trance you go.

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