Conan the dark axe pc

Father's Sword Conan starts with this weapon. Unlike Conan's regular sword, the claymore weapons have their own non- upgradeable moves. The advanced AI makes possible various defensive and offensive tactics against different enemies, dependig on their inteligence level animal, undead, human, etc.

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Fight enemies and avoid traps.

Conan: The Dark Axe - Walkthrough

For the video game, see Conan video game. Take the Dragon's Eye green gem in the cave and then leave the cave to exit. Axe, Mace, Claymore Tech Conan cona alternate weapons in this game -- chiefly his mace or axe both use the same moves.

Fight all the enemies to leave. You may want to save again after passing the first track. B - Secret wall break points.

For some reason, both masks are present in the area before the statue. Climb up the wall and enter the pipe to leave this section temporarily. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. If you need to run to keep Conan alive, don't sweat it. Wait for the crumbling ceiling to knock out Set thhe the boss will fall to the ground where you can have Conan reach it with his puny sword. Don't forget that having one hot-butt accident will result in Crom kicking Conan out of Ben Morgh.

Once that's done, have Conan fight the rest of the enemies in the room.

Conan: The Dark Axe PC, PS2, GCN, XBOX -

While you're down there, grab the axe "Set's Teeth". Go past and kill wizard for the Serpent's Scale. However, Conan only has access to his default sword and no other weapon while in Ben Morgh, so neglecting his sword skills will prove to be deadly in later areas. There is a bug reported by Mr.

Conan ( video game) - Wikipedia

Fight all the enemies here if you can afford it, since they are easy compared to the ghosts. The armour knights by now are tough -- if Conan doesn't have good axe skills, you will find the statue enemies extremely hard to kill. The enemies in the War Blade room unlocks the exit. Conan needs the axe to survive on later stages, so focus on the branches listed.

Without good skills and an axe or maceyou will find these enemies hard to kill. The wizards te may benefit from some axe swings instead of the slower Atlantean sword, but changing weapons is also a hassle.

Darfar - The Stone Fortress What? War Blade You find this weapon in Keshan Labyrinth Upper Floors, but the chances are you will have unlocked the more powerful Atlantean Sword before you reach it. This is just one of the many glitches in the game.

The enemies here are easy pickings, so take them all out. The battle mace is in the tavern, if Conan cares to take the weapon.

You need to time Conan's run by watching the trap closely the trap syncs up once per four cycles. If you take the Atlantean sword piece in Kordava and then enter the arena, you may wind up losing the piece forever unless you reload the game.

Views Read Edit View history. Stygia - Temple of the Salamander Fight enemies and avoid traps. Not sure what happens if Conan bites the dust -- it may not be Ben Morgh waiting for Conan afterwards. The most important part is to locate the brazier where Conan starts off above left and grab the Mother Figurine inside.

The reason for focusing consn these two or three comboes is once Conan is killed in battle, he is given a "free life" but on the condition that he can fight his way out of Ben Morgh and win favour from Crom.

Generally, if you power up Conan's generic damage modifier, you should do all right, even on hard difficulty.

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