Best of bruce springsteen

The lyrics are just awesome, and the music fits the lyrics perfectly. Like born in the usa the lyrics are lost in the catchy beat buy they are very deep, one his greatest songs. Retrieved October 11,

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What a great happy song! Library and Archives Canada. Archived from the original PHP on Springsteeb 18, On top of that, the coda gives me goosebumps every time. Awesome song should be higher I think bbruce is number 1. The Rolling Stone review of the album by Parke Puterbaugh was rather unfavorable, which is surprising as most of Springsteen's albums were praised by the magazine. And that sums him up. Select album in the field Format.

Simply beautiful with a fantastic guitar riff.

Top Ten Bruce Springsteen Songs - TheTopTens®

springstee Its got taste, tune, beats and most of all its got Bruce! Forget the meaning, the feelings, the message I can't believe that This starts off at a slow pace, yet gradually builds up. Listen to it and you will understand why this is his best song.

All Top Ten Lists 9 Music. The Born in the U. Too bad it is recorded so poor.

Why is it placed so low on this list? I have to say this is probably the best song ever written.

This song should be in the top 10 with born to run and thunder road Great song. La Stampa in Italian.

Top Ten Bruce Springsteen Songs

Retrieved July 20, It's the ultimate song for anyone young or anyone srpingsteen to break away. I could go on and on with this song.

Come on, get voting people Personally it is my favourite song sprinsgteen Springsteens I can't say that I'm the biggest Bruce fan, but I sure as hell love this song. In the United Kingdom the album entered at number one on March 11,and topped the chart for two non consecutive weeks.

The lyrics are incredible. Retrieved July 21, My favorite of him at the moment! I considered "the river" my favourite song of all time for years, till I heard this one.

The most beautiful song and springstefn by Bruce: Most people end up "hiding on the Backstreets of life". It tells a great story! What more can you ask of music when going through one of the strongest emotions.

Keeps you excited the whole way through and its not to hard to play either!

I like how it disses the Vietnam War, and it is also a giant "Go America!

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