Andy moor zero point one

Orbithing with Orkidea Not to mention that it contains a lot of good tracks for a reasonable price. Time Will Tell feat. This CD has almost 20 tracks, and I like them all.

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She also heads up the social media as well as the photo and video team, and has been promoting events across the GTA for years. Leave Your World Behind feat. Not to mention that it contains a lot of good tracks for a reasonable price.

I only have positive criticism this time around. Love Again with Betsie Larkin 8.

Andy Moor - Zero Point One - Out July 6

I was already lost, and I was less than halfway through! His CD has drive, but piint is consistent and steady. Andy Moor clearly put a lot of work into this production!

Turning Me On feat. Trance Unity Returns in ! I leave the rest to your ears. It is the type of album you can relax to on the couch, with your feet up, after a long day of work, or when cleaning the house.

ALBUM REVIEW: Andy Moor “Zero Point One” by Lindsey Lou

There I was in my living room, headphones on, goosebumps materialized, singing along with tears welled in my eyes. Poiny of My Life feat. Featured June 12, 0. Orbithing with Orkidea Unless lyrical trance is definitely not your thing, I encourage you to give this CD a chance.

Andy Moor - Zero Point One (The Remixes)

August 26, 0. After the 2nd track, November Morningthe album is dominated by lyrical trance, and the variety of quality vocal artists that appear in the tracklist below is impressive. She has been a fan of EDM since the mids and has since found a focus of pure joy in the trance genre.

Time Will Tell feat. The Andy Moor folder on my computer is finally growing larger. September 19, 0.

October 4, 0. Coupled with the intricate and fluid sounds from Moor, onr lyrics just add complexity to the tracks that, overall, demand a keen listening ear.

In Your Arms feat. World to Turn with Ashley Wallbridge feat.

This CD has almost 20 tracks, and I like them all. Track 4, Undeservedis anndy first track of several that I played on repeat. Please Forgive Me feat. This might be because I saw a live and intense trance set from Moor at the Beta nightclub in Waterloo, ON last winter. To my pleasant surprise, however, this album remains chill, picking up for a bit after the 2nd track but never exceeding bpm.

The talent of these vocal artists speaks for itself, but it is not the vocals that hold these tracks together.

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