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To make further customization like changing background image, uploading background music, adding text, creating chapters, adjusting aspect ratio, just click the icons upon the active window as the screenshot shows. Per comments found here you might want to buy iLife '09 iDVD 7. How do you get the thing into iMovie? I'm running Sierra by the way.

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Or, if you know what you're doing and want to change them in some way, go ahead. But what if you want more than what the program already offers?

To set up your ideal chapters you ought to go to the preferences and select advanced options. Apple will no doubt be releasing additional themes for iMovie in the future, but for now there are only so many options.

Then select "Replace background", while still holding the command key. There are a ton of themes, and one of them is bound to work! You can try to repair the disc and see what goes. Located on the right are some icons, where the chapter makers are found.

From the project menu, choose add text option and drag it to the ideal location, click around the area and type. Alternatively, acquire the iLife DVD pack foldee run a fresh installation or reinstallation of the same. These themes can add a lot to your video projects, and are relatively easy to integrate into your iMovie video tuemes. Luckily, with this application, you can do just that.

iDVD themes - where are they located | MacRumors Forums

Mac OS X To edit your videos, click the pencil-like icon on the thumbnail and a Video Editor window will open. Some of the menu themes might work well as bumpers between video clips in iMovie, and some might be great for a sequence of moving photos. Music Collection for Slideshows.

What comes as an added advantage to this application is that you can use themes or alter its elements themds match your desired DVD look. How cool is that?!

Step 2 Next step is to select the theme that best blends with your video project; although some themes are better for motion picture project as you will notice. Again if you like experimenting, take your time to explore the many themes availed to you. Next step is to select the theme that best blends with your video project; although some themes are better for motion picture project as you will notice.

To use a photo or movie as the background with no drop zones:.

7 Things You Don't Know about iDVD Themes

Every iDVD comes with default audio, which foldfr be altered, to your own selection. If you go with iLife '11, it contains iDVD but does not contain some of the themes found in iLife ' Fancy changing your background? Since Ffolder no longer includes iDVD iddvd new Macs, you may not find much support or discussions on their discussion boards, however, you can find some useful troubleshooting tips on the iDVD support page. Click the Menu tab and choose your favorite one for your DVD from the right panel.

You can wait for another warning message to reappear and then select the " Do not show me this again " option or you can reset the messages by selecting iDVD Preferences, Generaland then click on Reset Warnings. Add sound, filters, even titles to the clip in iMovie to make it even better. How do you get the thing into iMovie? Slideshow Maker Stock Video. Actually, it might be a daunting task.

Looking for free upgrades or new software acquisitions? DV file in a location other than in the DVD image. Piet van 't Zelfde 1. You may also be thinking that the five default themes are only geared towards ievd or amateur video editors, but in reality, they can save even the professionals a lot of time.

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