Blood sweat and t shirts

It took them straight to a New Delhi slum, where they will be living alongside the garment workers whose lives and jobs they are going to share. Yet, many doubt these claims, or are so far removed from them, they cease to worry. Three of the group get demoted from being machinists to doing ironing and then demoted to closing buttons.

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Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends: I cannot even begin to explain the amount of inconsistencies, misrepresentations and at times blatant lies that were in the first episode alone! Visit sjirts Shows page to discover other programs you may enjoy.

Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts. Notify me of new comments via email. The pharaohs would do anything to attain power: The documentary focuses on exploring the unknown story of Hitler's family and the dramatic fates of those related to the most hated man in history.

This site uses cookies. Which sdeat why we should give a little thanks in return next time we buy a t-shirt by being careful about what we choose. Here is Georgina having a moment: Through your experiences with the three Blood, Sweat and … series, you have discovered or thought about the challenges of engaging audiences with social and ethical issues? Retailers work with the Ethical Trading Initiative to ensure that high standards are adhered to. With the help of a rogue doctor who supplies the drug to suffering patients, Peter sets out to have voluntary euthanasia legalised in Australia.

Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts

swear The factories that let us in were proud of how hard their employees worked and the quotas they achieved. Probably a bit simplistic, but you see the dilemma.

If you did that, you would put a lot of people out of work. Dunk link Georgina says the four weeks spent in India have changed her life. Which truth do you believe?

Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts | Follow the things

On watching the program, questions are naturally raised by viewers in their minds, and they are the obvious questions which any person would conclude with.

Richard was rejected from sewing because in his test he went over the practice line by millimetres. Tara Scott, one of the six chosen now makes sure she knows where her designs are made and where they come from: Dunk link So what to do about it? We did not find out too much about the lives of the Indian workers and what they think of their lot but we did hear from owners and managers of the factories and the families in the homes in which they work.

Blood, Sweat And T-Shirts

The minute episodes are comprised solely of music videos from groundbreaking musicians from around the world. As is becoming more informed on the issue generally says he, who, watching the documentary realised he knew nothing about it. Three of the group get demoted from being machinists to doing ironing and then demoted to closing buttons.

World class facilities in Asia are delivering product to some of the most demanding consumers in the world on the UK high street. Still crying, Georgina slumps back and groans. We Got Tickets,Link. Whilst the Indian government opens its arms to designer labels and Western multi-national giants under the banner of Free market policies to feed the habits of the elite Indian few, the gap between the classes, between the rich and poor is continuously widening.

It really opened my eyes to genuine hardship and made me realise how selfish, selfcentred and spoilt I have been. If they try to buy the clothes from those companies, soon everyone will improve their conditions.

I met amazing folks. I thought I had nothing to loose and got selected. Languages Suomi Edit links.

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