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If you want to fully utilize your flash drive with the Debian net-installer, you can loop mount the boot. Is waiting for software to load on an older computer ruining your entire freaking life? Aspire , which distro? Bodhi uses the e17 desktop environment and it looks very stylish. If you agree then I will do it.

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AntiX boots and runs much quicker than Elementary, thus making this little netbook a useful box once more and a pleasure to use when sitting in my armchair at night. These four tools will get you started. There are dozens of programs installed by default including Abiword and Gnumeric. Puppy Linux isn't based on another distribution; it is Read Morelightweight distributions are incredibly efficient. The fact that XFCE used to be capitalised and now isn't really is of no consequence to most people.

Waaaaay out West Texas Distribution: The entire operating system may even be run entirely from RAM.

Lihux scaling Frequency scaling is supported via the acpi-cpufreq module. Mick Amadio via Wikimedia Commons. For other methods of installation please refer to the section Alternative Installation Methods or see the install guide. MacPup I've tested a month ago but still too much of the menus are hiding away on the dock so it's not fast to operate like Puppy Preciseā€¦ In that Acer netbook i'm happy to have Lubuntu as main working OS but I have a partition set aside just to test other distros which is a lot of fun and a source of great learning.

I don't have netbook. Seemed to be acer quirk.

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In fact, CrunchBang avoids the traditional desktop environment, instead employing a retooled version of the Openbox window manager. I am just wondering which of these OSs has less trouble with Java plugins for browsers Firefox ad Chrome.

For Broadcom devices, one of the bcm43xx Linux kernel drivers can be used, requiring installation of either firmware-binstaller from contrib or broadcom-sta-dkms from non-free. It is necessary to re-install debian, create two identical partitions, one in internal and one in external card, and create a raid 0 device with them.

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I used Manjaro, with a community flavor, LXQt. This issue will cause your system to lock up during udev startup if you have an SD card in the slot.

Best distro for Aspire One. I had issues with the network card not detecting from the netinst iso and the drive name confusion.

Alternative Installation Methods See the install guide for other ways to start the installation. Install the fbdev driver.

Funny what you mention about open source software. I've had nothing but problems with Linux Mint, which I installed on 2 different machines.

If you are a Windows user then you will lonux that Linux Lite looks quite familiar especially if you are used to using Windows XP. Never heard before, but my ancient Lenovo Ideapad S10e runs like a charm now Please, check the distro! Is there Linux OS for them as well? Linux - Newbie This Linux forum is for members that are new to Linux.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Loading this module will allow you to scale between MHz and 1. You can chose to re-partition your memory stick once you are done installing Debian with it. Troubleshooting Problems booting the installer If nothing happens when you press F12 it may be that the boot menu is disabled in the BIOS see above.

And thanks for this fantastic job you do.

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