George duke discography

I somewhat expected it to be of that caliber. I tried to recall the musical motifs after listening to the entire album numerous times, but I could not come away with anything more than the group playing a long instrumental that was a bit more complex than the rest of the album. But Duke's version changes it to:. A solid 4 stars. No Rhyme, No Reason 9.

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For live playing I had to choreograph everything, so that I knew which parts to play and when to change the synth sounds. And that's something for which I have to thank Zappa, because he was the one who got me to play a lot of trombone, so I initially played Fender Rhodes and the trombone, and then the ARP Odyssey.

The short spacey Echidna's Arf makes a calm intro to the sickeningly over-sweetish cover of Zappa's Uncle Remus, which again breaks the album's continuity. Naast 'features' van een aantal orkestleden traden als gastsolisten aan: The band he put together for the Wembley Nelson Mandela concert in London backed a stream of soul singers, and his arrangement of 'Backyard Ritual' on Miles Davis 's Tutu was excellent.

George Duke discography - Wikipedia

Vulcan Mind Probe must be a tribute to Stanley Clarke. He was being treated for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Discograhy remaster of this album was done in Berlin in the MPS most promising sound technique, and the album re-issued in a mini-Lp gatefold format with a black CD disc and it's quite a nice artefact of one of the best George Duke album, the start of a long collab between him and Leon Chancler.

However, the entire piece just does not resonate with me, meaning it is all too forgettable discoography my tastes, despite it being what I would consider a decent instrumental showcase.

Theme of Opera Tzina came out on the album Feel One of my favorite fusion albums of all discobraphy. We move away from the traditional realm of fusion and into discogrqphy more commercially friendly and lyrical "For Love I Come Your Friend " which is just too sugary for my tastes, although I do admit I woke up this morning with the chorus in my head, so I suppose the song does a great job in that regard. As for the song in its entirety, it is another pretty generic fusion staple similar to the album's opener, and while it is not bad per se, it is altogether forgettable just like the rest of the album.

Unfortunately, waiting 40 minutes to get to those songs is pretty worthless. I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry combined a retrospective look at black musical forms with warm good humour and freaky musical ideas; a duet with Johnny Guitar Watson was particularly successful.

A good production and delivery can't quite change that. Even taking the out-of-place title track into consideration, I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry is one of the best jazz fusion albums of the classic era, and an essential pickup for all fusion enthusiasts. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. That being said, the cover which I had so long awaited turns out to be the distinct highlight of the album, with Duke not going overboard on the pitch of his vocals; keeping it brisk and cool, which works much better.

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This is getting harder to find, and CD Universe is discounting it. Frank kept looking at me and asking: This album is truly a masterpiece in the Fusion category.

George Duke

Compositionally, the songs aren't that enjoyable either, regardless of my own genre preferences. Duscography somewhat expected it to be of that caliber. That trend is mostly apparent in the vocal songs, where Duke croons his bland love lyrics in his cheesy falsetto.

So there is enough good music to make this a three star album, It has too many flaw to rate it any higher. Seems it was a taped broadcast of a big jazz concert recently held in Kansas City, I think it was. Anyhoo, a few shots into this I recognized the bandleader as none other than our old friend George Duke.

The production is expected to be pretty good on a professional album like this, as is the musicianship from georhe cast of musicians. Here in Sonoma, we would hear this type of music on the soft jazz But you can also detect the distinct influences of Zappa's compositional signature in Duke's own 'That's What She Said', a complex, polyrhythmic tune featuring Emil Richards' wizardry on marimba and the violin of John Wittenberg, standing in for the Mother's protagonists Ruth Underwood ggeorge Jean-Luc Ponty.

But Duke's version changes it to:. He then joined Zappa's group inan experience that transformed his music. I think I made my mark playing instruments like georgs Minimoog, because I learnt how to make them talk; I learnt how to get the blues out of them.

From those sessions The George Duke Trio was born. The least we can say is that this album's artwork and title inspire more confidence in the musical content inside, even if the album is not intrinsically superior in quality than its predecessor.

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