Bruce lee mugen

Such links are created from your forum URL and will stay valid in case your forum should move to a different URL at a later time. It is going to be a release - I need to see if Randomish can host not just the char, but also the Enter the Dragon game he comes with. If there's no download link, than this isn't a release. If I can't get the link up today, I'll remove this.

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Has white tank-top alternate outfit.

Is this something people would be interested in playing, or should I just upload mmugen character only? I didn't create the original sprites, or the coding.

Looks cool though, I prefer you'd include a link on your first post. Perm link will go up later, I swear. This doesn't replace Fei Long, and isn't intended for Street Fighter games.

Also, I made him to go in this Enter the Dragon game - which is both a compilation and a bunch of edits.

Thanks to KOD for the new colors! If Randomish has the link up then I'll put it in the first post. Please be patient a bit longer, sorry!

Mugfn to the House of Fighting. This is an edit of other people's work and is intended to be a fun character that let's you emulate being Bruce Lee. Deliverater Who's that guy? Unless I'm missing something, I agree with Nio. Click to dismiss or press ESC.

Feel free ,ugen imprrove or alter the character - I'm not releasing this to get praise, I really just wanted to share my private hobby with other Bruce Lee fans.

This took many hours of my free time and I'm not making any money off it, and sharing it for the enjoyment of others only. Yeah, the Yellow jumpsuit would help to define him as bruce lee. Playing through Arcade mode simulates the story of the movie.

I did make mkgen the nunchuk sprites however by frankenspriting. You can toggle between them and unarmed combat. But the best part is that he has nunchuks. ONLY intended for fans of the movie!

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If there's no download link, than this isn't a release. I could upload it right now to Rapidshare, but then only 10 people can get it.

October 11, We reccommend something else like mediafire and 4shared you know. Email this topic View printable version.

The Mugen Fighters Guild - Bruce Lee - UPDATED! New outfit, fatality

Also, make his hair black. Darkmanx, something like this? Spoiler let's bring order to chaos.

Props to a friend for my avvie. He does a lot of damage, and that's because Bruce Lee is supposed to kick ass. Editing Fei Long is fine The character looks great though, but I would rather see him in his classic yellow jump suit, that would make him stand out alot more as Bruce and not Long.

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