Get ya mind correct

They say rapping's a waste of knowledge "Take ya ass to college" Now they broke ass call us Tryin to ask for dollars Sittin behing glass Impala's High class Impala's I make two cash deposits everytime I pass the closet If niggas lookin for the grands The grands can be spotted Chamillions the man He got it in his hand of wallet Ain't no If's, And's, about it "That man's the hottest" I accedently spent five grand Cause man, we ballas We don't shop at Family Dollars If your ice is fake? N Luv Wit My Money. Skip to main content. My Money Gets Jealous.

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That I want to Get Sexual Bridge In the early s, childhood friends Paul Wall and Chamillionaire were a rap duo clrrect affiliated with Swishahouse Entertainment.

This item doesn't belong on this page. Mac Miller, the rapper, singer and record producer from Pittsburgh, was found dead on 7th September from an apparent drug overdose in his home in California.

‎Get Ya Mind Correct by Chamillionaire & Paul Wall on Apple Music

Save on CDs Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Any Condition Any Condition. The chemistry Wall and Cham have together is one of the most playfully genuine ever recorded. Revisit is a series of reviews highlighting past releases that now deserve a second look.

See all tracks 17 Export playlist to the new widget. Don't be afraid baby let me know Do you want to get sexual [Paul Wall] Catch game I'm pitching to ya come up out of the dark Step up to the plate swing and hit you out of the park Can you meet me out of the park Let me seduce you I'm kinda like Chris Tucker tryin to get me some mushu let me introduce you Read the article Nicki Minaj's dream: Geet Freestyle Yet Vol.

My Money Gets Jealous. If you don't think that you've done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case.

Stacking money is what I do Always been real Corrcet stay true Nigga what about you Music CDs Paul Westerberg Released on by Paid In Full Entertainment. If you are using a VPN, and other users of the same VPN are abusing the service, then you'll be automatically banned as well. Serengeti Kenny Dennis LP. You could have been banned by mistake.

Revisit: Paul Wall & Chamillionaire: Get Ya Mind Correct - Spectrum Culture

I like that for there first record above ground they went hard. The mids mainstream correctt scene will be remembered for three things: You requested a very large number of pages in a very short time, causing problems for our server this can happen if you hit 'refresh' over and over.

N Luv Wit My Money.

Gr8 cd if you dont know bout these boyz then u've been sleepin under a rock. Then get up off of your behind and go Grind Yeaaaaah.

Get Ya Mind Correct [PA] by Paul Wall (Rap)/Chamillionaire (CD, Jun-2002, Paid In Full Records)

Music CDs Paul Weller Chamillionaire] If I Would've known 20 inches of chrome Was really turning you on Then we wouldn't be friends We would alone somewhere getting it on I know it would be be wrong And then you'd be cheating Never let you know how I feel on the phone We both got lovers at home but we should't tell them Don't be afraid baby let me know Ecby, Composer - H.

You may think I'm crazy never knew this type of love before I'm love with my foreign, yes I'm married to my dough My stocks missing, as soon that im not trippin' The clocks ticking, there's no overtime and im not Pippen That means that im not kidding, ain't hide and go seek Cause you ain't gonna hide while I go seek, my money all weak They say that I'm like diva when its pay back time Anything that shines I'll grab it and I'll say thats mine Give me that before I really act ignorant The landlord have come to collect and get your rent Don't miss a cent, pay later don't think about it Niggas that owe they try to sneek and never think they spot it The walking bank teller, tell a nigga make a deposit Say he ain't got it, cuz his wallet, he left home and forgot it What?.

I"m in love with my money Paid In Full Entertainment.

Nah I'll drink it and make it a bottle of piss Swallow This! With Koopa but was it a mistake?

Show em how boys in the dirty south shiiiiiiiine Money is on your mind, chasin them dollar signs Get off of youe behind and go Grind Yeaaaaah there's no time, to sleep - we hustle and grind, all the time Because money's always on our miiiiiiiind Chasin them dollar signs, you sayin you wanna shine?

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