Doctor who runaway bride

What a stupid bint! The Doctor takes Donna to her reception, where Lance is dancing with Nerys. The Santas enter, with the Doctor taking the mic and telling them they blundered; they let a man with a sonic screwdriver near the sound equipment.

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Rinaway Return of Doctor Mysterio. Instead, she hid at the edge of the universe for billions of years until Torchwood uncovered the Secret Heartthe ship her children were in and developed Huon particles which she could use to reawaken them. The Doctor and Donna are targeted by the roboforms under the Empress' control, the Doctor reverses the particle activity with a vial of liquid Huon particles he'd collected earlier.

Thus, his series actually begin inand — notand as is commonly thought. The Empress was the only Racnoss to survive and not hibernate in the Earth's centre. He set bombs, disguised as baubles from a robotic Christmas treeflying around the secret room. The Empress needs the Huon particles for what's at the bottom of the hole. Doctor David Tennant Tenth Doctor. Their presence brings forth the Empress of the Racnossa spider-like species wiped out aeons ago by the "Fledgling Empires", from the pit.

Director of Photography Rory Taylor. The ring is unable to mask the huon particles, and soon the reception is attacked by more Santas.

BBC One - Doctor Who, The Runaway Bride

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The bank notes that the Doctor uses to create chaos and confusion as the robotic Santas attack had to look feasible as British currency but not so much so that anyone could attempt to use them as legal tender. The Doctor and Donna exchange glances between each other before bursting out laughing.

Lance bgide explains that he only went through with marrying Donna to make sure she didn't leave; he had to put up with tortuous hours of listening to her gab on and on about ridiculous pop culture things.

It was the show's second Christmas special since its revival and the second Christmas special starring Tennant as the Doctor. This episode marked the first appearance of Sylvia Noble. Here are a few things that you should keep an eye out for, the next time you watch. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Thanks nride letting me vent.

Horrified, the Doctor realises that the bio-damper can't hide Donna. Russell T Davies had the idea for this episode from the very beginning of his association with the programme, and he planned to air it in Series Two. runawxy

The Runaway Bride Commentary

I cannot recommend them enough. The Doctor gives Donna a bio-damper ring to stop the Santas tracking her; he asks Donna to talk about herself, so he can figure out why she's being targeted. Donna tries to get a taxibut the taxi drivers believe that she is dressed for a fancy dress partydrunkor a drag queen.

Doctor Who episodes by Russell T Davies.

He tempts the distraught Donna into looking, and they notice a Racnoss spaceship arriving to hide from runawway exterminated by the Fledgling Empires. He dumbs this down for Donna and Lance by using a pencil and mug to demonstrate his explanation. He then learns she works at a security firm called H.

The Doctor uses the reception's sound system to disrupt the Santas' control signal, and traces it to a craft in earth's orbit, but loses track of it. The TARDIS is the only other place in the universe where Huon particles exist; when the ones in Donna activated due to the raging hormones the stress of her wedding day causedruaway created a magnetic effect that pulled her inside. BBC Two key cameo appearances were taken out in the edit. The second was a scene in which the Doctor and Donna roll up to H.

They escape into the TARDIS while the Empress teleports back to her ship, vowing to scorch the Earth; the Doctor replies that the opening of the Secret Heart and the Webstar's assault on London has drained its energy and left it defenceless.

Knowing her fellow Racnoss will be hungry, she prepares to drop meat down for them. Being the mother and leader of an omnivorous race, she was very arrogant and immediately made it clear that she viewed all other races as prey and food for her species.

The Doctor is prepared to die with the Empress, but Donna urges him to escape with her, just briee the Empress teleports to her ship bbride try to escape.

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