Bus reservation system project in php

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Bus ticket reservation system academic Php projects for final year and semster students. Purchase the script with a Developer Licence and make your own projech changes to the source code. Customers can pay both online and offline using various payment gateways PayPal, Authorize.

Online bus Reservation System php and mysql with source code

ln Visitors have accessed this post times. Apply for an Extended Licence and promote our products on your website! They can also request extra services. First of all, in our website any user or visitors view our system and search the bus and how many seats are available in our buses. The system authenticates every user.

This attribute would hold the address of Admin. You can also schedule routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map and let customers select their xystem.

Online bus Reservation System php and mysql with source code

Car Park Booking System. Learn how to request a script customization and get a quote! Can't install our scripts on your hosting account?

How to install See how easy it is to install the script. Folks, I have been a webmaster since and let me tell you something It is not very often you reach an IT-human who understand "real life", but your software is just so easy to use.

We will host them in the cloud! How can I add other transport operators. The client should check the availability. Once an admin has logged in the system, admin can do following things.

If you are a webmaster we also have a special Extended Licence. This would hold the date of Journey. Example driver will get the text for bus boarding.

Search Bus category wise. I want to run this bis localhost I created the database and imported the sql file, but i can't get the result. This is an essential attribute of the table.

Bus Reservation System | Bus Ticketing System | PHPJabbers

The feature of this system are, it has seat inventory, which you cannot reserve the seat that has been already reserve with other.

Employees are basically helping hands in bus reservation system. Admin can manage the employee details, their salary, work assignment. This quality would hold the address of the employee. Integer Multiple contacts can exist for single admin 5.

Bus ticket reservation system project description.

To store the rezervation of General Manager Serial No. This interface helps the employee to view their work, notification, manage buses update Buses, etc.

How can i run this?

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