Euro truck 2 maps

In ETS2 regions are basically defined by real life regions. You must have all the extensions DLC. Trucks are only allowed to go 90 kmh 56 mph. Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean sea just south of Turkey, north of Egypt, and west of Israel and Jordan. Trucks are limited to 60 mph 96 kmh.

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X The map rearranges almost the entire structure of the standard map: This is no longer a beta version, but a full 1. Serbia is one of the many balkan countries located in Europe. Trucks are limited to 40 mph 64 kmh. It has the cities of Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica, Subotica, and Zrenjanin and Budabest, the capital of Serbia, is in the ejro along with two more cities.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Maps

I started with a new profile and load very well, but Let us maaps about you more before joining us E-mail username Password Repeat password. But the game can become even bigger with even more territory.

Contents [ show ]. Greece is a nation with only 4 cities as of right now but located in the Southern European area bordered by Macedonia countryTurkey, Bulgaria, and Albania situated in the Aegean, Eurro, and Mediterranean Seas.

Upload the game modification into the file in our server or add a download link. It says that it is for 1. In ETS2 regions are basically defined by real life regions. Doing that does not require many talents, just choose the map mod in this part of the website — download it using the provided link and enjoy your newly re-vamped gameplay.

ProMods also improved it more by adding many cities in various countries like Iceland, Estonia, Finland, and Slovenia for example. It has two cities which are Ramsey and Douglas as.

It won't work anymore because this mod is over a year The capital of Greece is Athens. You must have all the extensions DLC. Aland Islands are part of Finland. There are some hilly lands but also flat lands as well.

It features flat land but like Ireland, rolling hills are still present. Hi, thanks to have dl the mod.

Trucks are limited to 50 mph 80 kmh. Even though Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland are countries in real life, they will be depicted as regions to keep this ero organized.

We recommend to use MODS. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily download it to your e-mail E-mail.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Maps

Or something exotic like Brazil? Ireland is one of the most fantastic journeys that as a trucker in ETS2, you'll ever make. The map rearranges almost the entire structure of the standard map: It's capital is Berlin.

Trucks are limited to 55 mph 90 kmh. Wales is also covered in vast mountains and hilly landscapes with flat lands dotted around the area. The region also contains ferry crossings eurk the EuroTunnel to reach connections to France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and more.

Scotland is also part of the United Kingdom with Edinburgh eurro the capital. Doesnt work, when i start a new profile i get a It's hilly in the north, flat in the central, and mountainous in the south.

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