Creo en ti julio melgar

More translations of "Creo en Ti". It is a powerful song and I hope the translation is a blessing to you. Member Worship Team Leader - F.

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Creo En Ti

More translations of "Creo en Ti". Try to find ways to make the timing and feel of the song sound the same in both languages.

I looked at the other translation of this song and in my opinion they could have been alot better.

Video added in the submitter's comments Video time fixed. The way to do that is by trying to find more creative ways of translating but at the same time keeping crreo same message.

Fill - I think - fits it more. It is more of a fitting tone I think, because of the feeling or the connotation of Saturate. You don't have to translate word for word exactly the way it is in Spanish. Creo en Ti 2 translations Translations: Instead of "Saturate sn place", "Fill this place" would suffice.

English 1, 2 Advertisement. The idea of this website is to help people be able to use songs that have been a blessing to them in other languages but crel a decent way. Popular Artists Popular Songs.

Look at the translations I've posted and compare them to other peoples. Login Registration Sign In.

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Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Member Worship Team Leader - F. We are like made for each other. It's about the timing too. But I believe it a very beautiful translation!

Julio Melgar - Creo en Ti lyrics

Translating a Spanish song into English isn't just about the translation. Thank you for this powerful song, it means a lot to see it translated Thank you very much!

I had a wonderful opportunity to go to El Salvador Mission tripfirst time i heard this song. Login or register to post comments. La La La Brazil This is just a beautiful melagr, it is a transliteration and stays within the message of the song in Spanish.

God deserves the best so put a little more effort into your translations, people, if you want them to be used in other churches.

Add new translation Add new request. Please watch the video to understand how powerful this song is. I think to make this a more 'English' understanding, I would change only one thing: Click to see the original lyrics.

Please check out the other songs I have posted and may those be a blessing to you also! Creo en Ti English translation. It is a powerful melvar and I hope the translation is a blessing to you.

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