Alex the allegator 4

Place your tokens in turn on the board or slide a row or column. Source code and data. But it's nice, simple, I like the feel of it.

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Now you get to hear what Alex is up to in this, the fourth instalment of the series.

You collect fruits and bonus items and power-ups, pretty typical, but there's just something about it that I adore. When I am looking for freeware games to add to acid-play one of my regular stops is the home page of Freelunch design. Final Duel Spaceship battling game.

Alex the Allegator 4 for Windows file

Plenty of xlex platforming in four nice colors guaranteed! Alex the Allegator 4. Contribute Add a Game Unreviewed Games. This game is cute and fun.

It's not something that got stuck in my head for ages, and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. The graphics consist out of 4 colours. The evil humans are planning to make a bag out of her!

His girlfriend has been kidnapped and it is your mission to save her It receives 4,5 carrots from me. Jump around the short lavel and try to find your dreamgirl Lola. The middle and end boss are both imaginative and challenging to beat, but just easy enough not to stress you out.

Windows installation program Source code allegaator ports. Alex the Allegator 2 A puzzle board game for one or two players. It sort of reminds me of the old NES feeling, which is rad. The only problems I had was the green toned theme, hard to see allegaotr pickups and enemies there.

A lex the Allegator is a series of games that I, Johan Peitz, usually use for game coding challenges like Speedhack and Ludumdare. But it's nice, simple, I like the feel of it, so I give it 4 carrots. The sound effects are funny and it's very creative.

For more fun games, visit Free Lunch Design. Level 6 is my favourite level because it is an entertaining level and I like bosses and that is it for now. I love the game I have it at home and I have finished it a allrgator of times.

Zone Runner 2 Zone Runner 2 is a simple yet entertaining arcade game.

Place your tokens in turn on the board or slide a row or column. Well enough about Free Lunch Design.

Alex the Allegator 4 | The Freehare

The controls are a little floaty. Source code and data. The first thing people tend ghe notice about this game is the graphics. Hey, ever heard the one about the kidnapped girlfriend? So if you're looking for fancy 3D graphic, you should probably stop reading here. The layout's pretty simple but it's still fun.

Alex the Allegator 4 - Libregamewiki

Alex The Alligator 4 has actually taken a couple of steps back from the other games in the series as far as graphics are concerned. There are only alletator colors, this is to reproduce the feeling of the old Game Boy games. Yes, the game is only made from 4 colours!

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