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Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. It's the hope he can escape his past. The cinematic cutscenes associated with story missions are superbly presented and are the sequences in which the game's characters really shine. Retrieved 10 April

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Grand Theft Auto IV Review - GameSpot

Universal acclaim - based on 64 Critics What's this? Archived from the original on 23 October Welcome to Liberty City, where dreams are broken.

The story is lackluster, at least as much of theeft as I saw. Retrieved 17 November You don't necessarily have to kill a target if he or she promises to disappear, but you have to weigh gga risk of your employer finding out against the possibility that the person whose life you spare might prove useful later in the game, or even have work for you in the form of bonus missions.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Download

As the host of a multiplayer session, you also have the freedom to greatly customize all of the game types with variables such as friendly fire, police presence, weapons sets, traffic levels, radar functionality, and many more.

Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 23 February Reviewers praised the game's narrative. Stepping off a boat in the shoes of illegal immigrant Niko Bellic as he arrives in Liberty City at the start of Grand Theft Auto IV, you can tell immediately that Rockstar North's latest offering is something quite special. This particular GTA I found somewhat boring.

Retrieved 10 April Upon arrival, however, Niko thedt that Roman's tales of riches and luxury were lies concealing struggles with gambling debts and loan sharks, and that Roman lives in a dirty apartment in Broker rather than a mansion. Archived from the original on 22 December With the right group of people, there's no reason why you can't have a lot of fun with every single mode that's available.

Grand Theft Auto IV Review

But you've never seen a more densely-populated, detailed and engaging environment in any other video game, ever. I don't know why people have to bash on this game.

Archived from the original on 15 February Retrieved 26 May Throughout the single-player mode, players play as Niko Bellic. Archived from the original on i October Niko defends Ahto from his loan sharks several times, but is forced to work for Vlad GlebovRoman's Russian loan shark.

When the gta V came out, I was super enthusiastic and impressed, but now with more hteft, I feel that this game was and is much better. Is the PC version the best? Retrieved 5 April The Complete Editionincluding the original Grand Theft Auto IV and its two episodic expansions, was listed on online stores, [86] before being confirmed by Rockstar. When taking the controls of certain vehicles, you'll suddenly notice a lot yta of the same vehicle on the roads.

There have been reports in the United Kingdom and the United States of crimes perpetrated against people purchasing Grand Theft Auto IVas well as employees of stores selling the game. Dan Houser Rupert Humphries.

The game's single-player mode lets players control a war veteran, Eastern European Niko Bellic. Retrieved 15 May To give you some idea of just how much thought has clearly gone into the crafting of GTAIV, even the act of stealing a parked car, which is still achieved by pushing a single button, can now result in any number of different things happening. Michael Hollick as Niko Bellic. Any time you have a brush with the law, the GPS shows you the exact locations of patrol cars and cops on foot in your area, and highlights the circular area centered on your last known whereabouts where they're concentrating their search.

LAN support is available in the Windows version of the game.

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