Carrera track designer

Access is only possible from the front so this is basically a U-shape with a center "island" to allow relatively easy access to all parts of the track. PlayfulRacing is offering whole range of Carrera items with shipping service to most European countries and US, with even free shipping for all European Union countries when ordering exceeds ,- EUR. Lift single track items to another level and see what happens to the rest of the track - convince yourself and get your free trial version right now

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The makes it in about 5.

Carrera Track Layout Planner (Official Carrera)

Lap length is uneven at 53' 4". Updates within a version are still for free.

I like less curves and longer straights personal choice. By loosening the anchor position in the menu, the track layout can be dragged and rotates independently.

Therefore transparency is currently not supported on printer or pdf printouts. Menu "View" select option "Item Label".

Overview you are the "track-master". The lack of any straight track in front of the pit entry in the same design carrera also lead to missed pit entries. Parts can be placed at any time and any position in the track layout and also be removed or exchanged by other parts easily.

I guess I am not the only one that is tempted by the Carrera system but feel the space is a bit limited, so I thought I'd start a thread where we can share small D layout ideas. Hope this helps, and great idea for the thread. I do not trwck which program you have used to show the layouts as in other posts,so I attached a couple of pictures.

Carrera Track Layout Planner - Slot Car Track Design - Download Now

Originally Posted by slotcardaniel. There is space for 2 access hatches, so could be used in a small room, and with the slightly narrower width it designeer be moved out from the back wall to get access from 3 sides. With this software the autorennbahnplaner track files can be loaded and displayed as a 3D modell.

Find all posts by thatguy Last edited by slotcardaniel; at Dynamic Screen resolution up to x px 4: BB designet is On. Find all posts by speedster. Find all posts by b.

the ultimate Carrera track designer

Home Complements Softwares Autorennbahnplaner Carrera circuit planning. Parts can be arranged in different layers. And please post one deigner per post as that will make it easier to link back to a specific layout later.

The overall size is 11' 8" X 7' 8", but the main part of the track is only 11' 8" X 6' 8" so it should fit on a 12x7 table with the elevated turn at the end of the bridge sticking out a little.

Originally Posted by thatguy01 This uses common set pieces plus a box of R4.

You are the "track-master". Best suited on a free standing table, but there might be space for a access hatch to the left of the bridge, so it could be usable against two walls. Item list shows either all parts or only parts as used in the current track layout. I will post my layout ideas, and feel free to comment, suggest improvements and post your own layouts, and if you already have a small Carrera track up and running please chime in with some pics and comments on how you feel it works, and maybe what you would like to improve and if you race with or without magnets on it.

Autorennbahnplaner (Carrera circuit planning)

But if you just limit the borders to the curves mainly the flat ones then you will have more space for landscaping or adding those Pit Desihner garages. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

Convince yourself by downloading the free trial version of Autorennbahnplaner right now! Lanes can be highlighted by different color codings.

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