Atem control panel

Setting up your switcher is so easy with the ATEM software control because everything has been laid out so that settings are fast to change as required. Each control bank provides immediate hands-on control of iris, shutter speed, white balance, gain, pedestal, RGB for white and black, and more. Use the panel to control inputs, outputs, and effects on your switcher.

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ATEM Television Studio – Software | Blackmagic Design

You can also take advantage of the advanced preview bus, which lets you make selections and preview them before putting them on air. Then, back at the video switcher, you can have multiple people using control panels and laptops all connected to the switcher and working on the same show at the same time. There are buttons to turn audio on for each source in the program and for audio to follow video AFV when you switch between sources. Your ATEM live production switcher preview video can be seen on your multi view screen or on a monitor connected to the switchers SDI preview output.

Add to Quote Add to Wishlist. Mac OS X All creative transitions are instantly available on the dedicated hardware panels and include the same cut, mix and wipe transitions that you can also control from the ATEM software control panel. Preview video can be seen on your multiview monitor, making it easy to check the transition. Qty Add to Cart.

ATEM Camera Control Panel | Blackmagic Design

Learn more about Camera Control. The program bus is always live, so when you select a source it will immediately go on air!

You get the most efficient live production workflow with ATEM! Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The switcher tab is for switcher control and includes palettes for adjusting keys, transitions, media players and more. Selections made on the preview bus will appear on your contrl screen, so you can see what you have ready to go on air, then take it live by pressing the cut or auto buttons.

ATEM Software Control

Ultimate control for your ATEM switchers. When your program is starting, paneo a commercial break, or is ending, use the fade to black FTB button to fade all layers up or down at exactly the same rate. Next Page Camera Control. Upstream Keyers When you need fast, precision keying you can use the software controls to adjust your keys with incredible accuracy. You can also download graphics direct from the included Photoshop CC plug in! The transition palette gives you precise control over the multiple DVE transition options.

Learn more about Hardware Learn more about Tech Specs. Please read our succesful cases here. Macros are saved as XML files that can be edited and combined together using a standard text editor.

Direct playback of ATEM macros new in v2. Live production Easy to use Date published: The combination of button colorization and customizable text labels help customers quickly identify important keys while working on high pressure, fast paced live switched programs.

The buttons are illuminated by a tri-color LED system, and support 4-character length labeling. Multiple Users Producing large live events ateem as professional and college sports, concerts, worship services, and educational events requires a high performance team.

In addition, ccontrol switcher page also has palettes that let you adjust transitions, keys and media players. Conveniently located in the top button row called the select bus, you can quickly set your auxiliary destination and switch its source.

The top section lets you save and recall scene presets so you can quickly adjust cameras based on changes in the scene such as lighting. Instantly import graphics into the media pool and use them with the downstream keyers to add your own professional looking broadcast graphics to your program!

Simply set your preferred transition rate between 1 and frames using the ATEM software control, and every time atdm hit the AUTO button your ATEM live production switcher will perform a perfectly timed, smooth transition. Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www. Pandl leaves your camera operators free to focus on the more creative aspects of live production such as framing and composition.

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