Asp net gridview

By default, the AutoGenerateColumns property is set to true , which creates an AutoGeneratedField object for each field in the data source. Displays the value of a field in a data source as a hyperlink. Gathers information about the server control and delivers it to the Trace property to be displayed when tracing is enabled for the page.

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By default, the field names appear in the grid's column headers, and values are rendered in text labels. Changing the GridView 's aesthetic properties through the Designer simply sets the declarative syntax to the appropriate values. The main data source controls that you'll find yourself working with in conjunction with the GridView are:. Events Events Events Events. This event is often used to perform a task when a button is clicked in neg control.

For Professional, the Verdana font is used with a CellPadding of 4 and a dark gray header background with white text. Finally your article lit my gridfiew.

GridView Examples for Accessing Data with the DataSource Controls

Gets or sets the amount of space between the contents of a cell and the cell's border. Product gridvies Sign in to give documentation feedback. Applies the style properties defined in the page style sheet to the control. My vote of 5 padmanabhan N Oct 2: Occurs when the hyperlink to sort a column is clicked, but after the GridView control handles the sort operation.

The main data source controls that you'll find yourself working grivview in conjunction with the GridView are: RowCancelingEdit Occurs when the Cancel button of a row in edit mode is clicked, but before the row exits edit mode. Occurs gridvoew the Cancel button of a row in edit mode is clicked, but before the row exits edit mode.

For a description of this member, see HasExpressions.

Each alternating row color's background is set to a light gray. Figure 7 shows a screenshot of the GridView bound to an ObjectDataSource when viewed through a browser. NET page contains the specific details pertinent to data access. Deleting a GridView's Underlying Data.

Raises the RowDeleted event. Gets or sets the control that automatically generates the columns for a data-bound control for nt by ASP.

Additionally, you can specify whether the data rows are displayed as items, alternating items, selected items, or edit-mode items. Sets trace data for design-time tracing of rendering data, using the traced object, the trace data key, and the trace data value.

If so, the Nst property of the row is set to Yellow. Notice that the GridView displays all records from the Products table with a column for each public property in the Product class. Collapse the table of content.

GridView all in one - CodeProject

The following table lists the key classes that relate to the GridView control. If you find yourself cutting and pasting code you might forget to change a table or column name in the SQL syntax of the pasted code, or you might forget that for the pasted code you need to handle NULL data differently than before.

Note This control can be used to display user input, which might include malicious client script. ObjectDataSource fridview data access through a developer-created class.

GridView Web Server Control Overview

Inserting records into the data source is not directly supported by the GridView control. Occurs zsp the server control binds to a data source. Loads the previously saved view state of the GridView control. But before we do, realize that when displaying data on a Web page, accessing the data is only one part of the puzzle.

Gets or sets a value indicating whether a CommandField field column with a Select button for each data row is automatically gridviea to a GridView control.

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