Airbus a320 simulator

Our training fleet of full motion simulators are based near Gatwick Airport at Burgess Hill with our based at Cardiff Airport. Find some similar acivity. This is currently the only Vulcan Bomber Flight simulator available to fly in the world today — Come and take the controls of the mighty Mach 0. Start your adventure as an Airbus pilot with a brief introduction to the control board and go right into action.

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Arbus Pilot Preparation Program Before a commercial pilot can fly an Airbus A it is extremely important for them to follow an Airline Pilot Preparation Program to help them become confident, qualified commercial pilots. October September November.

Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Experience - 1 Hour

It provides practice simuulator all aspiring commercial pilots in normal and simulated failures, without spending fuel or exposing the occupants to a life threatening situation.

Start your adventure as an Airbus pilot with a brief introduction to the control board and go smulator into action. To truly succeed in the commercial airline industry, aspiring pilots also need to learn on the most accurate and advanced types of equipment.

Well worth it and got to say Jamie the pilot was very helpful with loads of patience as was the receptionist.!!

Distance from Prague centre: Phase 4 - Non-Normal Procedures — there is a systematic introduction to all non-normal situations and procedures.

Praha 5, Na Radosti An opportunity is given for repeated practice which is essential for achieving high operation and safety standards without danger.

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The Airbus Airhus flight simulator training was created to provide training for commercial pilots at various stages in their career. F16 flight simulator Activity score: Read more in this PDF here. A Steep climb to avoid the foothills of the Alps, and then levelling off at 15, ft you set course to the west where on route airbuss can practice some general handling skills airbuw get the feel of the aircraft. So, why not give it a go and enjoy a unique experience?

You may bring a maximum of 2 adults over 16 with you to the simulator, unfortunately the center cannot accommodate more people than this and there is no waiting area. Quality Experiences We are also official commercial partners with the following organisations: This activity is designed for one person.

A PDF version of this iBook is available here.

With its high passenger capacity and fuel efficiency, the Airbus A is not just the most widely used aircraft in the commercial aviation industry—it is also the entry point of any commercial pilot into the Airbus siumlator.

All of these machines are zero-hour machines which mean they possess accurate enough flight characteristics to not require real aircraft time during a type rating. This product is no longer available.

All A systems according Airbus manuals implemented. If not for yourself Our training fleet of full motion simulators are based near Gatwick Airport at Burgess Hill with our based at Cardiff Airport.

They create simulated applications for training in normal and abnormal operation of aircraft, develop and implement solutions based on customer needs to promote high efficiency and flight safety. The minimum required height of participants is cm, so you can reach the pedals from your seat.

It is an advanced system for virtual reality training, designed for commercial pilots who plan on flying the Airbus A The Zirbus Full Flight Simulator also enables a more hands-on approach to skill-based training as it provides aspiring pilots to operate an aircraft in a variety of situations—from adverse weather conditions, to night flying or air traffic situations. Learning to handle the Airbus A and the complex systems should be fun - we believe in "game learning" and hope this software will contribute in this direction.

The A Full Flight Simulator was designed and manufactured to replicate the exact technology and flying characteristics of an Airbus A, the most widely used ajrbus in the Asia Pacific region.

Airbus A Flight Simulator Experience - 1 Hour

Phase 5 - Advanced Concepts simulattor addresses the listed operational elements of an Airbus A Another advantage of the Full Flight Level D Simulator is simulatorr it provides recorded data about the flight, and lets cadets study and analyze their performance. The primary purpose is to facilitate training in the operation of an aircraft, with an autonomous and interactive program, which develops, through training, a very high visual acuity in the pilots and flight operators, which will allow them to recognize, become familiar with and react to abnormal situations such as a starter with high temperature, loss of oil pressure, fire in the engine and others referred to in the simulatkr operator's manual.

Real world procedures call for you to turn left towards a mountain, you will then turn parallel to the airport flying as close to the mountain as you dare!

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