Gta vice city all missions

You can find them in the room with the health and bodyarmor pickup. The colonel gives you a chainsaw to do the job, but you don't necessarily have to use it. Waste the Wife after completing Mall Shootout. There are three sets of mobsters altogether, so tail them, and kill them before you are out of business.

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Umberto Robina has Tommy VercettiPepe and Rico assault the Haitians drugs factory and, when inside, destroy the compound using explosives.

Steam Community :: Guide :: % Completion Guide for GTA: Vice City

The second act of GTA Vice City encompasses Tommy's rise as a major criminal figure in Vice City, as he proceeds to take over various businesses and assets in the city to build up his criminal organization and wealth.

Ken reveals that the mob plan on paying you a visit soon, but just now they need a favour from you. The thief creates an explosion by firing at red barrels, so be careful to avoid the fire. The Pole Position Club as an asset. He reiterates the fact that he wants his money back, and warns you not to betray him. Keep a close eye on the radar, more Hiatians are due to arrive. There is a rumour that the boatyard has just completed making a faster boat for lal Costa Rican guy, and Diaz wants you to obtain it for him.

To see those, click on the business name in the Property Missions chart below. These saves may or may not work with older versions of the game. Blackspeaking on a payphonehas Tommy Vercetti missjons an un-named man, retrieve his briefcase and deliver it to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown.

Approach the stairs cautiously as there are more gunmen waiting. Blackspeaking on a payphonehas Tommy Vercetti interupt bta drugs deal, kill the people involved and take the drugs to a helipad at Escobar International Airport.


Tommy Vercetti Delores Ted. Black voice only Carl Pearson. One of those Safehouses is the Vercetti Estate this is probably the best safehouse there is. Enter only Video ID: All Hands on Deck!

Tommy Ftaafter being told by Delores that Ted and the other drivers are losing out due to the abundance of Vice City Cabs al, heads out in a Kaufman Cabs taxi and destroys three Vice City Cabs taxis.

Diaz wants you to oversee a minor business transaction. Go and talk to the chef. Get in the tank, and take it to the colonel's garage before it self-destructs. Unless you'd like to sit through the opening cinema again, it's wise to save at this point. Kill as many of the guards as you can from outside the boatyard, and then enter when you can see no more.

Phil's Place as a shop. He fires with a ruger from the back of the vehicle, so stay at a safe distance from icty, and if possilble use the cars in front of you as protection. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

"An Old Friend"

Keep Your Friends Close The colonel wants you to go and meet a courier, to collect some valuable technology from him. Start this mission with full armour alll plenty of ammunition - you will probably need a heavy weapon such as the ruger. You can save the game here whenever you are not doing a mission.

Make sure you have plenty of ammunition before going to the boatyard. This is the final mission in the game.

However, if just one possible solution for completing a mission is listed, you can be sure it's battle-tested and mutha-approved. EndsWithaBullet Nov 2, 5:

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