Blood splatter green screen

Blood Work in post. You'll get the kind of real-world, illuminating tales that you wouldn't get otherwise. And of course, his face is moving constantly in the fame.

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Gory, not for kids. And it may not be exactly what you're looking for in your shot but it might give you a jumping off point. And of course, his face is moving constantly in the fame.

Is there a way to bloody him up on the already exisiting footage? I need the actor's face to get smeared with blood, he's getting hit, CU, about 5 times in a row, and his head snaps with each blow- no cuts on this- with each turn of his head- as he brings his face back to camera, that's where I need the blood applied- blood from his nose, mouth etc. To achieve a blood spray alla one created by a sword, what is the best way to cut holes in the hose.

So it's not really exploding- it's smearing and dripping. Return to posts index. How far should the camera be away from the green screen? I'm using a hose attached to an air compressor and shooting it against a 9 x 15 green screen. I have several questions regarding the process. How far should the blood work be away from the green screen?

Red Blood Splatter Splash Isolated Green Screen Stock Video - Video of motion, color:

If there is an online tutorial regarding the very nature of this, please link me up instead of answering the following questions except for the last one. I've done some basic green screen stuff- and the cuts are very quick-but you still notice the lack of blood. Thanks for the great help- and I'll keep plugging away- please feel free to send me more ideas- I can use the help!

Perhaps someone else has a better idea. You'll get the kind of real-world, illuminating tales that you wouldn't get otherwise.

Tell you what -- you might just consider contacting the original poster in this thread to learn how HIS attempts to add blood in post worked out. But the smearing, dripping part is tough Is it okay to get the hose in frame? I'll have to defer to someone else on this. I don't think the guy in the movie can shoot again-so I'm in a tough spot.

I mean, you could always motion track the person's eyes or some other feature of the face and position the blood offset to the nose or mouth to match the movement of the head. Since most special effects are planned from the the beginning of the shoot -- to take advantage of both practical and compositing techiques, and NOT added as an afterthought -- a lot of the people on this forum probably don't have the same experiences as the original poster.

Blood green screen royalty-free stock footage

Thank you so much for your help. Not sure if this is clear.

Thanks for your help! Blood Work in post. If not, my questions are these: That's a great link. I just shot a film and I wanted gdeen touch up the blood work via green screen. Just something that came to me. And of course, not sure if it's in keeping with the feel of the movie. How accurate should the framing of the special effects footage be to the framing of the original footage?

Hi, Jamming to get a short to Sundance-and I've got a scene with spaltter guy getting hammered in the face- but I didn't have enough time to throw blood on him with each punch.

But getting it to appear on a moving face and have it be convincing with the same lighting, etc. Should the hose be the same color as the green screen?

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