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The program has greatly facilitated my analysis of my interview and observation data, and the format of the workshop allowed me to explore the best tools and approaches for my data. Ludmila Layne University of New Mexico. Thank you so much for your help. Conducting surveys can be a great way to get a wide range of information about your research topic. The class provided very useful information and guidance regarding analysis of different types of data.

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I am looking forward to taking another class from him.

He systematically explains all of the features and possible options of this powerful software for qualitative data analysis. You understand the power of the tool, but also the power of the work. It's really rewarding, different from other the software I've worked with and quite innovative. However, after attending the two-day seminar in DC I have a deeper understanding of The materials were informative and useful. Creating Outputs in Excel: I am a researcher and my work is always around research and data analysis.

Your explanations are clear and concise. The program helped me easily organise, mine, code and analyse mountains of data and ultimately I could extract very meaningful reports.

Thank you for furnishing a well versed and experienced trainer who presented a balanced training and well navigated the difficult barriers of saturation and attention span. Gain rich insights with the most intuitive and powerful QDA software on the market.

ATLAS.ti 8 Mac

I am satisfied with both the training and the instructor. The teaching was very much fantastic. This video shows how to create an output of quotations by code in Excel.

The workshop was wonderful! His mastery of qualitative research shows when he teaches the course. This video shows how to rename codes.

Adding a snapshot of a video document. We recommend watching the entire video to those with no prior knowledge of the software. This class was well paced atlaas covers a lot of information in a short amount of time.

It is fully functional except for the following limitations:.

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Siantiago Najera Quito, Ecuador. After the first few hours of day 1, I felt totally differently. The ATLAS Ti course accommodated first timers as well as those who needed to improve research skills on qualitative analysis. I live in Toronto, Canada, but work around the world.

I really learned a lot. As the trial version is identical to the full version except for the Limitations stated belowthe same technical requirements apply.

It was well organized and covered tti topics in a VERY interactive manner. I learned about the purpose of the software, it's main functions, and direct applications to my data projects. The instructor has a teaching style nac to learning a computer software program: This video tutorial shows different ways of coding text, graphic and multimedia documents.

Ahmed Muhammad Kamaldeen, M. The Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Software

Nick Woolf Woolf Consulting, California. In this video tutorial, Dr.

I think a real strength of his approach is the emphasis on methodological issues pertaining to qualitative research. The instructor clearly knows this software and qualitative methods backwards and forwards.

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