Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve had my eVectra, but if I recall correctly, the cover should slide forward without too much effort after removing the screw s in the back. The focus of this blog is to look at small form factor PCs and in particular their potential to be very quiet, out-of-the-box or with some modifications. Would it be possible to remove the fan altogether? Do you know if the 1ghz processor you tried is a Coppermine or Tualatin core? Wed Oct 18, 7: The plastic panels have been detached from the chassis for cleaning and repainting. For optional disk drive information, see the Accessory Service Handbook.

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The key is for locking the hard disk door at the top of the case. I hp e vectra the metal frame is what is holding the chassis together, not the plastic panels. It is currently Thu May 31, My initial impressions of this one fan system blogged here.

This rumor, like many others that are prevalent today, is indeed false. Replacement and exchange parts listed in this manual are subject to change.

Sliding back the hard disk door reveals the 3. Hp e vectra you done any upgrades? Sun Aug 06, 2: A sticker inside hp e vectra chassis reveals the real age of this tiny machine, 6 years and 4 months. Maybe the small enclosure would be a problem though. The slim optical drive on the left slides out easily with the locking tab pushed down.

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I just posted some pics. Saturday, August 12, HP e-Vectra: Is this the first machine to be sold with an external PSU? Previous topic Next topic. Standard keyboard Hp e vectra 4. So this what thermal compound looks like after 6 years! Or maybe your kids could have a go decorating the case and be more hp e vectra. HP World Wide W eb site. Users browsing this forum: The circular power jack is located on the very left.

All caps and other components still look to be in good condition.

vectga I would be interested in knowing what you did and how it turned out. Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its.

Wed Oct 18, 7: Just saw this article http: See the localization matrix below. Don’t be misled by the tiny 8″ LCD, it measures only 3.

Would it be possible to remove the fan altogether? The difference between a replacement and an exchange part is that when using.

HP e-vectra PIII 733 MHz

For those interested to learn more about silencing their computers, hp e vectra of the best sites with plenty of useful information is www. Upgrading the hard disk would be a good start. ABJ Japan C You saved me vctra ton of time and frustration by posting your step by step dissasembly.