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Anonymous May 23, at 8: Get all 60 of our published audio books for free: Hi AJ , Relay interesting lessons ever i heard and am sharing it with friend as well.. Anonymous February 6, at Anonymous June 11, at 7:

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RecordedPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania [unconfirmed] Contributor: Audio Recording Washington's farewell address delivered Sept.

Peter Amom August 4, at 6: Allen Hoge First of all thank you soooooooooooooooo much for providing such a wonderful lessons You're basically trying to teach something you never experienced. J for everithing You've been done for me end for all of yours learners around the world. La Guardia, New York Contributor: Anonymous September 22, at 7: Anonymous January 17, at 9: On the death of Osama bin Laden Barack Obama: Hello my dear student and all of my friendi am Imran hash-mi from Pakistani student.

Download 60 Free Audio Books. We are lucky that people like you effortlessly show us how to serve for mankind. Anonymous March 8, at 3: Hi AJ i am from India.

Downloading is not permitted. Anonymous August 18, at I'm your big fan from north east India.

Anonymous April 9, at I use to listen your voice up to 1 am in the morning from 8 pm to improve my English speaking. One day at one year old you said "mama".

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H Asusasum May 25, at They also discuss different ways you can practise and improve your English pronunciation. Anonymous January 28, at Anonymous December engllish, at 7: They discuss the best ways to learn English vocabulary, and some ways you can sound like a native English speaker.

Thank you very much Anonymous August 31, at Without school, without teachers, without books, without grammar. Hi AJ, Im laxman patel just i have started learning English, and i realize i will start speaking English very soon very fluently without any poss. Anonymous January 16, at 7: They discuss ways that you can hesitate in English and the very important 'er' sound in pronunciation. Anonymous August 1, at 1: Anonymous April 28, at Thanks Author or originator for this great concept.

Thank you for your lessons.

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