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This may sound odd coming from an article looking at contact forms but Pagelanes comes up with an interesting no-form alternative for its contact page. A Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy are two documents that you have probably seen on most websites and many web forms. It features cool pencil-style drawings accompanied by eye-catching animations, and the clever website copy throughout keeps visitors engaged and chuckling -- and reading more.

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The top of the page includes the location of their company headquarters on Google Maps. When choosing what to ask people in your forms, make sure you choose ones that'll help your specific business understand the person contacting you -- and even help you qualify them as a potential lead. It's quirky and memorable, and it shows off their skills to boot.

The form's a little lengthy for most businesses, but for a business conact runs background checks of all kinds, the form fields are likely necessary to help them organize all cntact inquiries. Infusionsoft takes the WP Engine concept even further by dropping its form below the fold for the contact page.

Your Better Contact Form make sure customers can contact you easily whenever they need. Online Contact Us Forms Quickly build a beautiful contact form for your website. Try these templates too If your website is on the Content Optimization System COSthen your site is already mobile-friendly from a technical point of view.

Visitors have the option to type in a topic or submit a request — or, if they keep scrolling, they'll find Medium's helpfully curated list of knowledge base articles and forums to peruse. Check out how Legalia included the prefix for their country's code when listing their contact phone number. Its 'Contact Us' page shows visitors the beautiful building VIA operates in, and then it visualizes exactly where its office it alongside the contact information visitors need.

Skincare and makeup brand Glossier sells aesthetically-pleasing cosmetics in various containers of pink and white -- which is reflected on the website, too. These topics are covered in depth in one of our other articles, here. They considered what their users might be looking for on their contact page and added those items as additional resources. Want to add email entries to your MailChimp account? JotForm makes it easy to include a clickwrap method check box at the bottom of your form, and they also have a Terms and Conditions widget as well.

Great platform" See what else people are saying about Typeform Survicate's contact page is another example of a beautifully simple layout combined with friendly, welcoming copy. Over million people around the world use Zendesk's customer service departments and help desks as their chosen form of support.

Finally, I love that their icons and primary CTA reflect the same color yellow as their logo.

Do Contact Us Forms Need Terms of Use and Privacy Policies?

It's beautiful, it's clear, and it provides the names and contact information of people visitors can reach out to directly as a bonus. Service 21 min read. The Act requires that the website operator must have an easily-found and distinctive link to their Privacy Policy, which must outline:.

A contact form usually also collects some forms of personal information of the types I have listed above. It's cpntact, helpful, and memorable — a win, win, win.

Free Contact Form - Contact Us for Great Contact Forms

Instead, Moz provides the need-to-know contact information on its main 'Contact Us' page, with additional, more-detailed resources available once they click 'Contact the Help Team.

This includes simplifying your navigation, keeping forms short and foorm, including large CTA buttons that are easily clickable with a thumb, and large form fields that make it easy for folks to fill it out on their mobile devices instead of having to pinch and zoom.

This concept would be conhact for the kind of no-contact-page approach used by Yummygum, where the form pops up as soon as users click on your contact button. Remember how business used to be personal? That, my friends, is a huge mistake.

Enterprise software company Atlassian offers a ton of different products for large companies to use to stay organized. Below this is an interactive and engaging map of organized buttons where users can select the resource they need, chat with customer service or send an email address to customer service based on their issue.

It is important to make sure that your Terms of Use applies to all web forms that you have included on your website, not just the web pages themselves. The HubSpot COS uses responsive design to adapt to any mobile device and fully passes the sniff test on Google's new algorithm. Yeti sells coolers and drinkware that are built for the great outdoors, and its 'Contact Us' page maintains the cool, outdoorsy brand. Made my social media end of things a breeze and has already in one week given me approx likes on Facebook.

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