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What if every question here at the forum was answered in the same manner with: Broomstick Bass by Bornemark. You dont believe me?

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Future versions will add new instruments and bass sequence. Engine musical MIDI engine, creating a real-time realistic, basic, typical and special bass lines.

All presets are sorted bornsmark genres and sub-genres.

Broomstick bass problem -

There are still a few that JBridge helps with. And even older plugs than Broomstick - like Xphrase - still works in 8. You dont believe me? Broomstick Bass is a "self-playing musical instrument", to be used as a session partner, composition assistant or a deluxe bass sound archive. Latest User Reviews Bazs user rating of 0.

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What if every question here at the forum was answered in the same manner with: So that solves that. Therefore it might or might not work with newer DAWs. There are loads of patterns for inspiration and composition and a manual mode for playing your own bass lines. Most broomsrick are working fine in original form.

Friday, 26 October Designed by vst-platinum. The OP obviously wants to make Broomstick work, or at least have some reasons why it does not, The OP does not ask for expensive alternatives.

Broomstick Bass is fully loaded with easy-to-use bass riffs and grooves. So it must be an installation problem or a problem with CB 8.

Sorry guy but you are totally out of date with it. Does Broomstick destroy any bornemakr Bass Player Sound Module. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I read somewhere the developers just made it to show off and demonstrate their programming abilities and were snapped up by some other company afterwards which is why it was dropped from support.

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Anyway Trilian is better Period. Wish it was still around or someone had bzss the time to sample it and make a Kontakt patch or 2 out of it OP will also be relieved to know that they are better off without Broomstick Bass.

Read all reviews Add A Review. I have found that with Pro 8 onwards, I am using JBridge less and less.

Please, stay on topic and bodnemark mocking at other users. For the game enough to take a few chords on the keyboard, and the program will build on the basis of a given harmonic bass riffs and sequences.

Thus no upgrade for Broomstick alongside continous development in other areas.

Does it make people turn off their radios when they hear a song with it? Rich selection of useful bass-effects. Hi madsv, On my System 1 - spec below, the original plug is here: The only way to get to use older pluggs is to down grade, or use two computeres, one old and one new and link them, or re-sample the old instrument but you can't do that with FX pluggs.

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