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But should they be going to a region with such a sensitive environment? Is retirement the end of everything or just a door for new opportunities? Listen to Rob and Neil's conversation and learn some related vocabulary.

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Is knuckle cracking good for you?

Listen to Rob and Finn's chat and learn new vocabulary. How can science fiction help the world? Alice and Neil discuss the topic and teach you a tidy amount of vocabulary. Learn about the first 'modern celebrity'. Drama Words in the News Feature: How can remote parts of the world get access to the internet? Do adults exercise enough?

Something to chew on Tuesday Feifei gives Neil something to chew on Download Choose your file Higher quality kbps Lower quality 64kbps.

Engllish you dress formally or casually?

Find out more about page archiving. Hair of the dog. Will thinking computers be the end of humans?

Is a game just a game? Neil and Alice talk about the defiant women who fought for their right to choose their representatives.

General & Business English

What makes a video go viral? Are you a teetotaler or a drinker?

This podcast belongs to. Dan and Neil discuss the rise of the machines. Going to a party where you don't know anyone? Should young people be made to vote in elections or should we choose? Neil and Alice discuss how some charities are englishh those in need.

What leaarning awful sound - cracking your knuckles! Other series Talking Business Useful language for different business situations. A scheme to save the Asian elephant in China could provide an answer.

Rob and Neil discuss the awkwardness and irritation of being in one. What do we need our chins for?

Learning English - General & Business English

If the cap fits Tue 10 Jul Learn an expression about accepting criticism Download Choose your file Higher quality kbps Lower quality 64kbps. English at University English at Work Feature: Other engish you may like. Sophie and Neil discuss how feeling lonely can help us to survive. A threat to London's artwork?

Is technology always the solution? This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Hair of the dog The English We Speak.

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