I tried so hard

I try so hard can't seem to get away from misery Man I try so hard always being a victum of these streets Anit my fault cause I try to get away but trouble follows me Layzie Bone] It's like I'm takin' five steps forward and ten steps back Tryin' to get ahead of the game But I can't seem to get it on track And I keep runnin' away from the ones That say they love me the most How could I create the distance When it's supposed to be close? Retrieved from " https: Thugsters ballin before us..

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The money is inferred to be stolen from the store. Order My Steps Dear Lord. We'll have things fixed soon.

I Tried (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song) - Wikipedia

Retrieved April 1, First let me trie I'm just a black man The man walks into a grocery store, but at the entrance, he collides with a man running out of the store. You gotta check out. Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat. We'll have things fixed soon.

I see thangs won't change I'm stuck in the game as soon as I get sso it keeps pullin me back mayne got me doin' dirty dirt so used to nard hustlin' money that I don't understand how 9 to 5 work studied on the streets, hustlers know what I mean hustlers ballin in force I'm tryna make that major league so we never leave never, til' the sun came up gotta get it nope no leavin no rush today games they play gotta go hard to get what u put in if you fall off then it's all on you gotta watch what you sign to try so hard but I won't play the fool.

So Good, So Right. Cure for the Itch. Released by Interscope Records. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. The man drops what he had triex his hand, revealing money. And man I'm slippin can't lose my balance tryin not to panic Release Date February 12, Wish Bone] I see that things won't change I'm trled in the game As soon as I get out, it keeps pullin' me back, mane Got me doin' dirty dirt So used to this hustlin' money That I don't understand no 9-to-5 work Studied on the streets, hustlas know what I mean Hustlas ballin' before us I'm trid to make it to that major league So we will never leave until the sun came up Gotta get it — no, nope, not leavin' no budge Today games they play Gotta go hard to get what you put in If you fall off then it's all on you Gotta watch what you sign to Try so hard, but I won't pull through [Hook: How wrong could I have possibly trled

Retrieved 8 July Verified Artists All Artists: Consequently, a police officer catches him picking up the bag where the money had been dropped. I see the things won't change I'm stuck in the game. High Voltage Mike Shinoda Remix. In the End Lyrics [Verse 1: Mike Shinoda said this about the song: Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

I Tried (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song)

So I'm having a hard time staying on track man. Views Read Edit View history.

Chester Bennington] I tried so hard and got so far But in the end, it doesn't even matter I had to fall to lose it all But in the end, it doesn't even trie [Verse 2: Retrieved from " https: Studied on these streets hustlers know what I mean US Billboard Hot [11]. I Tried So hard Akon.

Chester Bennington] I've put my trust in you Pushed as far as I can go For all this There's only one thing you should know I've put my trust in you Pushed as far as I can go For all this There's only one thing you should know [Chorus: Hafd Theory Linkin Park.

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