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Otherwise its a good game for those who enjoy the type. If you want something that will really take all of your concentration and patience, this is the game for you. Bad things about the game:

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Its difficult to use the dressing fanily you usually have to do one line of dressing several times to get it thick enough to get a good score. However, when the time really kicks in I like games where you have time to make the plate presentable.

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Monsters Among Us Collector's Edition. The most interesting rrstaurant is making your own Ice-cream,Pizza,ect recipes and naming them. Britons - Season One. First thing about this game that really hit me in the face was the graphics. A classic, but maybe should've had some voice-overs The game seemed to be a bit too easy.

Family Restaurant

Ten seconds wasn't enough time for some of the dishes and no matter what I did for one of the pizzas I always failed: The Black Cube Collector's Edition. You get a lot of foods to make at once and you have a lot of customers.

Spiderman 2 Web Of Words. The ganeplay was pretty good. Free download Holiday Games games for PC. Absolutely awful, completely out-dated. Rescue Team 8 Collector's Edition.

Other items have to be arranged, grilled, fried, etc. Otherwise its a good game for those who enjoy the type. Once an order is in your line-up, the timer goes off on each, even if you have 6 plates ahead of it.

The more tasteful and creative the recipes, the better the chance to get the ultimate goal of a 5 star rating.

Family Restaurant is rated 3. Sparky The Troubled Dog.

Expires in 29 Oct Plating and presenting dishes was fun. When it comes to certain things like pizza and ice cream sundaes, you are given a particular number of ingredients to use and can make up your own recipes. Mystery Case Files Games. Secure Form Forgot your password? Been playing for years and it never gets old, an amazing classic: You have to use enough sauce and its hard to tell how much you are using, especially when you are trying to do it fast.

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