2nd chance by james patterson

As the kids finally crouched low or dove for the ground, Winslow spotted two of his choir girls, Chantal and Tamara, frozen on the lawn as bullets streaked past them. Lindsay is down and Frank has a gun pointing at her head. The search for Coombs and his ultimate death on the steps of Justice Hall, as he attempts to kill Lindsay, provide temporary relief to both the department and the public, both of whom are now assured that this racist, mentally ill, vengeful murderer has been brought to justice. It is the sequel to 1st to Die.

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Marty left his family when Lindsay was a teenager and now, he's come back to make amends with his daughter. Now, he has hopes of rebuilding their relationship. There was a discrepancy in the evidence.

Women's Murder Club: 2nd Chance

He was coming for them now. The Women's Murder Club seems to have everything that could possibly go wrong happen to them--apparently Patterson has decided that at least one of them must suffer a major medical ailment per novel.

Thinking it odd that he would have this book on a topic he had no interest in, she mentions the fact to Lindsay. The fact that he was also a former police officer with a dark history doesn't help things out, particularly with all of Chimera's victims popping up dead all over the place.

As of Januaryhe has sold over million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers. If you like short chapters, and can pretty much guess who the villian is, then you'll enjoy this book. Whitney Young is where the little boy lived who witnessed the get-away van with the chimera decal.

There were a couple of dumb things that Lindsay did which put her in danger. Claire gets more into the action than a medical examiner usually faces when Chimera phones her, then pelts her home with bullets: Few people expect it to be more than random violence until a pattern starts to form.

2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club, #2) by James Patterson

Analog Audio Cassette - The point of view changes with chapters as Lindsay, Jill, Claire, Cindy and the murderer take turns projecting their personas as the plot and subplots develop.

Follow Us on Facebook. Dec 18, Marie rated it it was ok Shelves: While the Club seems to be bonding every more tightly, they didn't have all that much to do in this story, compared to the last ppatterson. Segunda entrega del Club de las mujeres contra el crimen, en el que las cuatro integrantes del club, con la teniente Lindsay Boxer a la cabeza, intentan resolver un nuevo caso.

I usually read James Patterson books as a guilty pleasure and quick read, interspersed between "good" reads. They will be included in my reviews for this series going forward. There were a couple of things regarding prison procedure, evidence and a forensic improbability that caught my attention, but they are few and pattwrson between and they are pretty insignificant.

She was the widow of a former police officer of the San Francisco police department, as was the young girl's uncle. Her name was Tasha Catchings.

What is the summary for 2nd Chance by James Patterson and coauthor Andrew Gross? | eNotes

He looked around in disbelief. And together with her friends in the Women's Murder Club, they try to put the puzzle together.

Lindsay and her superiors conclude that the killer has a grudge against the force. It makes it so much easier to continue reading the book.

What is the summary for 2nd Chance by James Patterson and coauthor Andrew Gross?

The Epilogue cuts away to the beginning place: After another police officer is killed by a sniper and then her boss is murdered, the trail leads to the ex-cop Frank Coombs.

Lindsay, Cindy, Claire, and Jill are back for the second outing as the Women's Murder Club, and this time the murderer is going to hit them 2nv at home.

Mar 24, Rachel C. I went off on a tangent there, so let's resume: In the second part of the Epilogue, Lindsay receives a letter from her father bearing a foreign postmark and with a photo enclosed. Chapter 1 I drove up to the library in my black Miata.

But unlike the TV show, neither Patterson nor co-author Patteraon Gross seem to have a clue about how women think, act, or interact with each other.

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