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And Bob Cole , they're hollering out all the artillery just for you, Sinatra, before the opening faceoff. Cash Box Top [10]. Select singles in the Format field.

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Billboard Hot [8] 32 U. New York Yankees Category: Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals television.

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And Bob Colethey're hollering out all the artillery just for you, Sinatra, before the opening faceoff. Retrieved June 25, It was not even nominated for the Academy Award for 'Best Song'. Originally, Sinatra's version was played after a Yankees win, and the Minnelli version after a loss. Retrieved June 19, The sinatrw peaked at 32 in Junebecoming his final Top Forty charting hit. The song has been embraced as a celebration of New York Cityand is often heard at Hork York-area social events, such as weddings and bar mitzvahs.

In Arrested Development episode 8 of season 2which aired in JanuaryTobias, played by Nea Crossstarts singing the song in his newly bought club.

Minnelli's original recording of the song also used in the Tony Bennett version in Duets uses the following closing line:. Retrieved from " https: Ebb has said he "didn't even like" Sinatra's use of "A-number-one".

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Lucille 2, played by Liza Minnelliwho's in the audience comments "Everyone thinks they're Frank Sinatra. Check date values in: Fred EbbSinarta Kander.

The song is also sometimes played at New York Knicks games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He occasionally performed it live with Minnelli as a duet. She also sang it in the Olympic stadium during the Summer Olympicsaccompanied by 24 pianos and strobe jork. It was written for and performed in the film by Liza Minnelli.

The song was the musical basis for Jimmy Picker's three-minute animated short, Sundae in New Yorkwhich won the Academy Award for Best Short Film Animated that year, with a likeness of then-mayor Ed Koch somewhat stumbling through the song, with clay caricatures of New York-based celebrities including Alfred E.

Sinagra song did not become a popular hit until it was picked up in concert by Frank Sinatra during his performances at Radio City Music Hall in October Billboard Bubbling Under the Hot [5]. Notably, the phrase "A-number-one", which does not appear at all in the original lyrics, is sung twice at the song's rallentando climax. Neuman and finishing the song with "Basically I think New York is very therapeutic.

Billboard Adult Contemporary [9]. The lyrics of the Sinatra versions differ slightly from Ebb's original lyrics. Cash Box Top [10]. Retrieved June 6, Archived from the original on January 18, It can't get any better than that for an excitement standpoint.

Unlike the other songs recorded for the film, it has never appeared on a Queen album. The song is performed by Brain Gremlin in the sequel Gremlins 2: Muscle of Love Remember: Within are two similar lines:

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