Eliza computer program

It's probably a safe bet that the computer could outdo almost any human in being a "blank screen" for the client's projections. It's turning into a bad habit. For example, the program could detect the client's mention of any programmed keyword "wife," "father," "children," "love," "hate," "guilt," etc and then ask "What else comes to mind when you think of HATE? The Ultimate Computerized Psychotherapist. Programmed feelings are crude, knee-jerk responses that lack the versatility and fine-tuned sensitivity of "real" feelings.

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They may be very limited in their ability to adapt to changing or new psychotherapeutic situations. They were divided on whether they thought working with Eliza gave them a sense of what it prrogram be like to be in therapy and whether they learned anything about themselves. Having a shrink as a parent is pretty much guaranteed to f-ck you up for life.

Computer-simulated psychotherapy as an aid in teaching clinical psychology. Name Email Website Thank you for commenting! You're not making any sense. When the user repeats himself. Although the computer couldn't handle the many subtleties of cognitive therapy, it could manage some of the more simple interventions. They were told that a real live therapist was talking to them from a second computer, and they believed it.

All comments are moderated. Such words with high precedence numbers are deemed superior to conversational patterns, and are treated independently of contextual patterns.

Psychology of Cyberspace - Computerized Psychotherapy

This function is used to get a count of how many responses are there for a given keyword. Any necessary transpositions are done. The sensitive, discriminating, experienced human eye will be necessary for high resolution diagnosis, including a sophisticated interpretation of psychological tests especially the projectives.

This also allows the program to be applied in multiple situations, including the well-known DOCTOR script, which simulates a Rogerian psychotherapist, but also a script called "STUDENT", which is capable of taking in logical analysis parameters proogram using it to give the answers to problems of related logic. He is also giving you dumb answers sometimes but at least you can argue with him.

Computers carry out certain tasks efficiently, precisely, reliably, and fast - more so than humans. Talking Eliza was far more limited than the non-talking version: Eliza recognizes certain keywords.

Programs can educate clients about psychotherapy options and help them make their own choices. How would you feel about my disconnecting you? Check this box to enable the "Post Comment" button. A few good reflections and clarifying questions, a dash of confrontation, and even some genetic work.

The basic purpose of the reflection module is to get the client to talk more, think more, look deeper into his situation and discover things that she didn't previously realize. Weizenbaum was very surprised by the reaction to the program:.

But then just how much would it cost to develop a very sophisticated computerized therapist. Retrieved 19 January Weizenbaum was surprised by this, later writing, "I had not realized The exhibit explores Turing's lifelong fascination with the interaction between humans and computers, pointing to ELIZA as one of the earliest realizations of Turing's ideas.

You seem quite positive. When Eliza does not understand what the user is talking about. In the foreword he presented it as a form of constrained writing.

With a powerful AI engine, a SuperEliza could be very impressive. His poor microchips couldn't take it.

Talking Eliza

That's all a computer is worried about - no, scratch that. Even under the best of circumstances, with very powerful machines, computerized therapy will be second best, most likely limited to highly structured interactions, or to the treatment of mild problems and clients who are healthy enough to cope with a less than fully competent machine. My spouse would be angry if Proyram failed.

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