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After this story arc, rotating creative teams - featuring creators such as JT Krul , Joe Benitez , Marc Andreyko and Ben Templesmith - took over the title to focus on origin and background tales of individual Joe and Cobra operatives. The 0 issue is followed by an ongoing monthly G. Joe toy line was relaunched with the G. This page was last updated: Joe any differently from the way I write Wolverine.

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A trade-paperback edition, which included material from all four issues, was published in By the end of the series, Chuckles is forced to kill his handler, Jinxand loses contact with his Joe superiors. Order of Battlewas a 4-issue mini-series running from December to Marchreprinting the data found on the action figures' file cards with some edits. InIDW would later continue the numbering scheme for this series, starting with issue and again using Hama as their main writer.

The rise of the action figure and the changing face of 'children's' entertainment". The Traitor Strikes Vintage Gi Joe Comics See more.

A Real American Hero (Marvel comic series)

Joe from the military term "Government Issue", and the character's full name was Joe Trooper. America's Elitewhich lasted for 36 issues. An original one-shot titled Data Desk Handbook published files for G. The Ultimate Comics Experience Tales from the Cobra Wars is an action-packed collection of all-original prose stories.

G.I. Joe (comics) - Wikipedia

A fourth mini-series consisting of two double-sized issues, entitled Black Horizonwas released in early Issue 5 Final Test was available as a download on Amazon. Joe on a higher quality paper stock than that used for the main comic. The Action Force Monthly title was published in the Cmoics. Joe [ sic ] "Silent Interlude" As Cobra grew in strength, the Joes started to recruit more experts from the different branches of the armed forces. amrvel

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Who's Who On Cobra Island It was launched October 19, and continued until October 13, InIDW Publishing began to publish the series again. Joe's field medic, and Duke is an undercover Cobra agent who betrays the group.

Volume 2 continuing from the previous volume was published fromand lasted 46 issues numbered 6 through Four Yearbooks — also collected mqrvel previous stories, summarized events, and published new stories that tied into the main title, aside from the first Yearbookwhich re-printed the seminal first issue.

Joe stands for "Government Issue".

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Vol 1

Special Missions 'Best Defense ' ". The item in the photographs below is the actual item you will receive.

After Hawk resigned from G. Joe has been the title of comic strips and comic books in every decade since This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

Good articles Title pop. Retrieved from " https: The highly decorated Vietnam vet, Lieutenant Joseph Coltonheaded up this special forces unit under the name "G.

Hero of the People The title quickly became known to the fans as A Real American Hero vol.

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