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Garmin XT user interface In addition to the turn-by-turn voice guidance, Garmin Mobile XT also offers Traffic information, weather forecasts and a whole bunch of other cool features. Microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam 5. It does also offer a few extra settings and options that are not as common. This has been by far one of the easiest installs ever with any GPS software I have tried over the past 5 years. So it is only significant to select an engine with an English voice.

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There is even a dedicated version for the business-minded RIM Blackberry users. Maps go digital GPS navigation overview. Are you a developer?

I always liked the British one better but it doesn't speak street names. It is important to be aware that you must have at least 12 mb of free RAM available before Mobile XT will launch after it is installed.

GPS navigation overview: TomTom Navigator 6, Garmin Mobile XT

Navigate to the "voice" folder. Get Microsoft voices e. Be it restaurants, train stations or football grounds, you will be able to visit them all. No dt I'm going to try to reverse-engineer the installation sequence that got me to where I am. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.

TextToSpeech voices for Garmin mobile XT?

Another leading GPS navigation hardware and software manufacturer, it is no wonder the company offers one of the most complete and advanced GPS navigation solutions for mobile devices. Can you be a little more detailed? The TomTom Navigator 6 is the latest version of the software currently available for purchase on the company's web site. It is compatible with all smartphones and PPC, and even laptops.

You can also see an overview of your route that gives you additional options in adding roads, getting additional information, voicf. I installed them both from the same CD.

Change the Speech Engine: The available extras in Garmin Online: Look at the two screenshots to see what I mean. Microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam 5. The good news is that you still around mb of free space on their 2 GB MicroSD card, which should fit most users needs okay.

First, at the top of the screen it says what the next street is and how far until you get mbile. Navigation Now, no matter how good the software looks The TomTom Navigator 6 user interface is really cool. This means that there is either traffic congestion or construction along my given route. It is nice that all of the settings are finger friendly, meaning you do not have to use a stylus to use the program or navigate the settings.

Review: Garmin Mobile XT

GSMArena team30 November Installation This has been by far one of the easiest installs ever with any GPS software I have tried over the past 5 years. This will help your device achieve quicker initial satellite lock. If your garmln has a physical keyboard, you can use that after you set it in the settings. Address entry is easy to do as the buttons are big enough for the average person. Even John Cleese's voice is available if you happen garmni like him.

Are there any other voices for Garmin Mobile PC? - Laptop GPS World

Switch to Threaded Mode. Find All Thanked Posts. It relies on Teleatlas maps and has detailed coverage of over 20 European countries.

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