Echo jason walker

General Comment If I were a song, it's definitely this one It's a depression song. Flag aviador on August 02,

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Now he is alone.

Jason Walker

But people act like he is invisible. User does not exist. They are the only thing giving him comfort. Log in to add a tag. There was an error. Every time I listened to the song I got a little peace of what it really means, now I just put all of them together. I think I now finally understand it. All he wants is a 'it will be ok' or 'in time it will get better' be he is getting nothing.

He knows he will snap, and he is desperately pleading for just a ounce of help Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright, but it's never enough He wants to pretend that his world is still there and there is still someone to talk to but he can't because he knows his world is gone and he won't be able to come back.

Only his voice and memories that are bringing him to his breaking point.

ECHO CHORDS by Jason Walker @

Add your thoughts 5 Comments. And no one ever cared enough to try to take that persons place. Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend Bim alright but it's never enough!

He knew that his world wasn't the only one that would care. Lyrics powered by LyricFind.

Echo, a song by Jason Walker on Spotify

He acts like his world is there, because it gives him comfort for just a moment and then it comes back even harder Cause my echo, echo He considers them as his friend now, But it's only a memory I don't wanna be without it He doesn't want his memories to fade away. There is only a little left he can take Hello, hello anybody out there? You know how you have that moment ecyo you feel so sad and alone and angry and you just want to scream and let it all out, and you just want someone to talk to but you jasoh no one?

He wants to feel normal again. Really listen to the words. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

So all he hears is his own voice and then silence shadow, shadow, is the only friend kason I have. He needed to let go but now that his world is gone, he broke.

And he wants it back. I'm out on the edge, and I'm screaming my name like a fool at the top of my lungs! This isn't a romantic sad song, it's also beyond a sad song. He is getting even more frustrated and angry with everyone and everything and he can't take it. Wa,ker is angry that his world would just leave him alone.

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Jason Walker is very underrated. Login with Facebook Error: Hello, hello Anybody out there?

Yeah, thats what I think this song is about. Song Meaning This song really gets to me.

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