Bow easy template

Bow Maker Template This bow maker template is nice and heavy duty card board. I make my bows using a lift comb with the center tooth removed to make an even number of teeth. I found this method out by accident and it's just so easy now! This item doesn't belong on this page.

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Bow-Easy™ Basics Tutorial - Splitcoaststampers

It was just what I needed! Pull on the loops and tails evenly to make adjustments. For left-handed instructions, all 'left' and 'right' directives are switched. I admit my bow easy has been gathering dust for years. Step 11 To create tiny bows, use tmplate fork with an even number of tines as a template.

Dina - how can something so easy be so often screwed up? The instructions below are written for a right-handed person. Dina is eazy Tutorial Coordinator and Artist in Residence.

Bow-Easy™ Basics

You may also like. I've had the Bow-Easy forever and just have not gotten it! Step 6 Slide the bow straight off the template. Pull the ribbon through, and bring it up below the ribbon loop in the same groove. Cross the ends right over left, and tie a knot, keeping the ribbon wrapped tight around the template.

Easg Turn You've seen the tutorial, now you try it!

Show us your creations! I found this method out by accident and it's just so easy now! I have had a Bow Easy for several years but never could figure it out.

It's really only for synthetic fibers, opposed to natural. Also, once you complete your bow, a small dab of Fray-Chek Dritz; available in the notions section of most fabric stores--including Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart will keep the ends from fraying.

This little gadget takes some practice It took me a while to get a really good bow made on the Bow Easy. But, i'll still gladly accept bows from my sweet friend too. More items related to this product.

Leave a tail of about 3"-4" hanging past the left edge of the template, and hold it in place with your left hand. Like many others, I rarely use my Bow Easy because I've been doing it all wrong! Pull the ends out straight to the sides to tighten the bow. Secure the fork under a heavy weight or clamp it to keep it still. Same instructions as fork. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Splitcoaststampers.

You're so right, I rarely reach for my bow easy because I never have great success; however, your tutorial has solved that issue Maybe now I can make better use of my tons of ribbon!!

Bow Easy Mini Portable Bow Maker Template Makes 7 Different Sizes of Bows | eBay

After watching this, have made me want to make bows now!!! Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari to view our tutorial videos.

Step 8 For a multi-loop bow: Same thing with the fork technique. Step 2 Wrap the ribbon once completely around the template, making sure to keep it flat without any twists.

And a big thank you esy the left-handed video. Custom made rubber stamps.

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