Dr brian weiss many lives many masters

Humans are animals too, so we cannot be expected to be any different or, actually, any better. The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient, and the past-life therapy that changed both their lives. One is a …more Dr. Write a customer review.

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That's what happened with my belief system on this book. View all 4 comments.

Many Lives, Many Masters

Get your free lesson today! Books by Brian L. It kept me up late two nights in a row! At the end of this book I was like, I'd like to get hypnotized and know about my past-lives, for all I know, I drr have been a pretty famous and sexy person in a past life He presents every detail as a plain fact, and nowhere the information is analyzed or scrutinized as you'd expect from a man of science.

It's like a tease - to make you want to know more. This was a critical commentary by Catherine, and Dr Weiss should have quoted her directly.

However, it was when i received a letter full of praise for the book from our family astrologer and dear friend Mr. This book tells us about a prominent psychiatrist who never believed in anything supernatural, needless to say, the prospect of rebirth was a far cry. I was gripped right away and have been recommending it ever since i finished reading the book- in two days!! No details, scientific basis or substance are provided; it was just presented by Dr Weiss as a fact.

After the usual talk and medicines failed to help Catherine get over her anxieties, nightmares and other insecurities, she was initiated by the Doctor into hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy. I still have down moments but nothing like before. Intrigued by the afterlife, intuition, angels, or prayer?

Many Lives, Many Masters | Brian L. Weiss, MD

Now I have no doubt that Dr. I've never read a book about past-lives and reincarnation before this one. Again, no precise details are provided. It seems that Catherine was mastrrs able to tell the year if she could see it written down, but that was impossible for the times masrers could date from BC.

It sees everything from a distance and if doesn't want to disclose any particular event- it will not.

We need details to believe, intricate details!!! Weiss' family and his dead son. Let weisz stress here - I approached the book with a totally open mind. If your marriage has been impacted by broken trust, this book will provide wisdom and comfort for you. You can't just completely accept or reject what he has to say.

On absorbing the information that they bring to us, it becomes easier- as i felt- to work around many a demons that haunt and nag us through our daily existence. Dec 17, Yelda Basar Moers rated it liked it Shelves: This is a wonderful book that will make I have to agree with what all of my friends have said about this book - it is amazing and you cannot put it down - a read it in a few hours - but the information in manyy will stay with me for a lifetime and mant longer!

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This is hardly scientific validation. I didn't feel like I had to believe all that was written here for it to open me a little more and leave me feeling a deeper sense of connectedness, less judgement and more compassion for others and for myself.

Weiss is a brilliant and accomplished psychiatrist. There's no thought coming from Catherine in her conscious state! Must redeem within 90 days.

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