Htc evo 3d theme

When you take the shot and it makes the camera shutter sound, it immediately flashes a notification on the bottom of your screen telling you this. I am from Pakistan , its working absolutely fine on my evo 3d … thx for the help…. Hold it down for half a second then press the home button. Kathy December 27, at 1:

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HTC EVO 3D Overview

I have four screen shots of my alarm clock going off. See post for details, screen shots and revisions.

July 4, at 4: Marshall Bezant August 28, at See thread for more details. I was in the same situation as most of people here said about accidentally taking screenshots and I googled it once and found this and it greatly helped.

Nique August 2, at 6: How to take a screenshot on the HTC Status free — no app required!

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My sisters will and we have the same exact phone…. I have the Evo 3D 4G, and this is not working. Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Developer walks you through setting utc your phone for wifi tether.

None of the apps I tried worked, and this worked perfectly the first time!!! This ntc got to be the craziest and funniest comment thread that I have read in quite some time.

This is great knowing I now have this feature on my HTC evo 3d. Voice mail worked besides the issue. Hope you have a great one too! Forums Shop Toggle Search. Actually thank u lol I finally got it to work thanx!! Adam March 5, at 1: Leave us a comment if you have any questions.

Free HTC Evo 3D Themes - Download Android Themes on Appraw

So I thought I was crazy yesterday Marshall Bezant July 31, at 2: January 24, at 5: Hope that fixes it for you! Before downloading you can preview a set of screenshots to make your final choice.

Use this thread to return your E3D to Sprint out of the box fresh. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

But everywhere I veo they told me to root my phone! Gisy September 13, at 8: BeginnersHow To's and Tagged: Maemo Nokia Internet Tablet. November 21, at Hope you find the other lessons here to be just as helpful. I have always been a Windows user, so Android is new to me.

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