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The package was licensed for two computers. Check previous posts how to do it. When installing using all the above methods, you have to install it as a trial version first.

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The area where you are suppose to be able to change adohe install language is grayed out and leaves no option to change languages. Adobe Device Central complains not all application directory files are installed but no luck on finding what is missing?

Type the letter Y. But it still says that it cannot save it, even though I opened another notepad as administrator.

How to Try Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Free: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Includes the learning adobe creative suite 4 dvd for win and mac. I downloaded Illustrator CS4 30 days ago, and finally had figured out how to get it to work fine as of yesterday without trial or needing a new Serial number.

I know i heard something about erasing a specific file hidden within the program files is it true????? Aadobe ne one tell me on how to update the Cracked CS4 products dies the updates automaticlly install can some one help PLZ!!!! You did something wrong.

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However I have tried installing it and it tells me my serial number is invalid. I'm downloading the Mac version I got a hackintosh and I'll let you guys know if the same procedure works. Adobe CS4 makes use of a license activation system to make Keygens and shared serial-number obsolete by blacklisting them via a central activation server, Surprisingly, smart crackers defeated the whole CS4 activation system using a simple trick, blocking access to the activation server using Windows or MAC HOSTS file.

Make a copy of the existing hosts file and call it something else hostsnew and save it to the drivers folder as described below - Log In under Safe Mode with Command prompt and navigate to the hosts file. Illustrator shuts down right after opening: Skip to main content.

During the middle of my work and error message pops up. Should I just reload the whole thing or try the Edit host file, Set date backetc. I got all CS4 program working, except Acrobat Pro 9.

Do I need a format? Open your "Notepad" pgm by right clicking, an open as admin. Need to know about 'amtlib. You open yourself up to getting your CS turned off and having all the problems you see posted above. Adobe sucks big time.

CS4 trial version download? | Adobe Community

The license expired was always there for me and the host file edit too. I trashed the cache I set back the year to I made the Terminal changes. I did buy the CS3 version, but I have deleted it. Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard.

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Thanks Pedro - Portugal. I'd say adding all the other entries would also add a margin of safety, but be advised, Adobe might switch servers in an update, in which we gotta find out which server is it, and then block it too, then cz4 able to update fully. And what if your system crashes or you need to do a system restore? I put in the serial and the program ran and works. There are 2 points i want to confirm.

Windows 7, won't let you save host file.

I cannot take it out and install into another new laptop when I stopped using my Sony laptop. Windows 7 User's must click "All files" to see host files, if not already visible.

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