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Bronze Window Shopper Enter all the stores in the game. Bronze Father of the Year Give Katey every possible gift. Bronze He hasn't covered wars… Use every type of firearm on a zombie. James Hall Dee Jay Randall. Be warned, it takes very little effort to make her defect, so be careful escorting her.

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Chuck and Frank get captured by soldiers.

After beating all three, they will tag along back to the safe house. Retrieved from " https: If your pipe should break, the haymaker and double front kick are still the best melee moves against this boss. The pole weapon is a great means for clearing zombies, but be sure to not hit Woodrow in the process. Following this, Chuck has three main objectives to complete: Two soldiers, Michael and Matthew are under siege in the center of Fortune Park.

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Attendees also received a limited edition, one-of-a-kind T-shirt. Retrieved December 1, Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Chuck needs the prize money to buy Zombrex a daily medication that suppresses the zombification process for his daughter Katey, who was bitten by her zombified mother during a previous outbreak in Las Vegas when she was only 4 years old.

The game's story see players controlling Chuck Greene, a former motocross rider, who finds himself at the centre of another zombie outbreak taking place in a casino resort and shopping complex in Nevadaand becomes involved in uncovering the truth behind it.

You'll get word that Luz is trapped inside SporTrance. This will stun him for a few seconds, allowing you do deal a lot of damage to him with melee weapons such as the Spiked Bat or Defiler. Chuck Greene joins the reality pay-per-view gameshow "Terror is Reality" to get money for his daughter's Zombrex. Climb up the vending machines on the east side and up to the top. After the battle, you can steal their katana blades.

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Climb to the top of his structure and he will switch to hand to hand style. GameSpot June 10, If you are out of zombrex, remember that there are four cases around the casinos. Hand him over anything you can find along the strip, from simple sidewalk hotdogs to sushi from Luaii.

Retrieved October 4, Any time is great chance to pound them with your knife gloves. Retrieved 6 August It might seem like a pain now, but it will be worth it later. You'll need to talk to each of sead several times to convince them to come along. She has a handgun to attack zombies, but you'll still need to talk to her in order for her to join up.

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September 13, [1] [2]. You'll need both a cement saw and a stack of plates, both of which hare easily found in the South Plaza maintenance rooms. If you wish, save Bibi and she'll come to your side.

You can also give him the zombrex from Sven belowhowever you might want to save that for Katey. Off the Record Dated". Our Dead Rising 2 Game Guide will show you how to complete all cases, rescue survivors, and defeat psychopaths.

Our Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough will show you how to complete all cases, rescue survivors, and defeat psychopaths. Not only must he survive against the zombies roaming the complex by scavenging weapons and supplies, along with rescuing survivors caught up in the incident and dealing with crazed psychopathsChuck must also ensure that his young daughter receives regular treatments of a medication that prevent her from becoming a zombie herself, after being bitten during a previous outbreak.

Last updated by Kurtis Seid on February 2, at 2: Bronze Wrong Kind of "Chopper" Kill 1, zombies while riding a motorcycle.

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