Cowboys herding cats

Kitty Slickers", AdWeek , January 17, Bud Light - Elevator: Out in the plains, freezing cold, wind so strong it would catch your car door and bend it back.

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While some of the actors are stunt performers in Hollywood, a few of the men operate ranches in their regular lives and compete in rodeos. Budweiser - Only the Best for Fred: As cowbots commercial proves, the IT company brings together information, ideas, and technologies and make them go where you want, kinda like herding cats.

EDS - Cat Herders - Ad Age

Since we were shooting in nippy weather, our 'river' was actually a small pool warmed by a portable heater, like a little cat Jacuzzi. Log in or go back to the video homepage.

To create imagery of cats storming the American plains, 20 to 30 trainers used a buzzer as a prod and tuna as a lure. Country Stars and Their Coowboys Pets.

Posted by Mateja Lane. Using a "giant Western metaphor", it features "grizzled cowboys" [1] herding thousands of cats across the Coeboys prairie[2] terminating in the satisfactory resolution "EDSolved". Television commercials Television advertising Clio Award winners Cats in popular culture s television commercials. If you didn't laugh at the cowboy using the lint roller, rolling a ball of yarn, or sneezing from herdin allergies, then you are part of a tough crowd.

Atria Books,p. Filming was accomplished over five days of wintry conditions, workers in goggles and full face masks battling through rain, snow, fog, sleet, blowing sand and fierce 40 mph winds.

Charles Schwab - Retirement Home: Luckily these cowboys are not strangers to challenges, even one as impossible as herding cats. Three days after the catz, the agency announced that it had been acquired by Publicis Groupe.

Cat herding has been in this family for generations and while anybody can herd cattleherding "10, half-wild shorthairs Rockport Publishers,p. Schultz and Megan Graham - 23 hours ago. During filming, clickers prompted the felines to run downhill, towards food which was out of shot.

EDS - Cat Herders

Actor Tony Becker points out that many of the actors were "real-life cowboys", [4] and gives a comprehensive cast list:. Views Read Edit View history.

Although, the cats were really swimming a warm pool since it was really cold during the real shoot at Tejon Ranch in California. It was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial in A few operate ranches or rodeo or stunt performing services, as per the citations given above.

E-Trade - Backup Plan: Retrieved from " https: Schultz and Megan Graham - 23 hours ago 0.

This bio states "Mark's most memorable performance so far may have been as the actor and voiceover artist in the classic EDS Cat Herders Super Bowl commercial. Budweiser - Cry, Rex 1: Oxygen Media - Babies: Accessed 9 April All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from August Articles with permanently dead external links. The illusion of cats stampeding was achieved by using clickers normally associated with food. EDS retained Fallon in to create a campaign with strong brand awareness with a dual purpose: Cowbous an Ad Age Insider.

If you haven't guessed it by now, the video is a spoofbut it's a great one.

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