Billings method chart

Coming off the Pill. Figure 5 shows that the ovaries are active. The days during your period are also unsafe, especially if you have a short cycle. She had a history of two miscarriages in the previous 12 months, and complained of anxiety, depression, fatigue and steady weight gain. Send Now No Thanks.

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Then, your period starts and the cycle repeats. Prevent Prevent pregnancy naturally.

Understanding the Billings Method

This mucus is usually yellow, white, or cloudy, and it feels sticky or tacky. You have to feel and look at your mucus or discharge every, single day, and record what you notice on a special chart. This means that you're infertile at this time. White or O for days of mucus.

How Does the Billings Ovulation Method® Work?

The recording of this observation is made with a brown bar Figure 3. If the Peak is observed the Peak Rule can be applied. Online Tutoring or Charting Fertility Pinpoint. Effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

Allow 3 days of Basic Infertile Pattern afterwards before intercourse is resumed on the fourth evening. Figure 4 a - c Basic Infertile Pattern Sequence of discharge remains the same day after day, cycle after cycle [initially recorded with a cream bar 4a, 4b but then recorded with a light brown bar when the sequence is seen to be unchanging 4c ].

If the BIP returns you should wait for a further 3 days and then resume using Rule 2 from the fourth evening. Pituitary and Ovarian Hormones. Menstruation Figure 10 is the shedding of the lining of the uterus as a result of decline in the levels of oestrogen and progesterone. Normal Types of Bleeding.

In a fertile cycle menstruation follows the Peak days later unless conception has occurred. The couple has applied the Early Day Rules until day 46 when a Peak has been recognised and the Peak Rule can be applied. A change in sensation from dry to no longer dry is now experienced and a discharge may be seen.

4 Simple Rules of the Billings Ovulation Method®

You just take one day at a time, deciding each methor if what you've charted indicates infertility or possible fertility. Constant dryness Figure 3or An unchanging discharge that produces the same sensation and appearance day after day. Key to Fertility Control - the Mucus. The cervical mucus method is more effective if you use it with the temperature method.

Irregular Cycles? Stressed?

Ways to keep your daily msthod You simply pay attention to the mehhod and appearance of the mucus at the vulva during the day, and write a few words on your chart to describe it at the end of the day. The 2-day method is a simpler kind of cervical mucus method.

She had a history of two miscarriages in the previous 12 months, and complained of anxiety, depression, fatigue and steady weight gain. Studies show that ovulation usually occurs within a day of the Peak.

Pituitary and Ovarian Hormones.

Your personal tutor is here billlings you to help you and answer all your questions along the way! Ovulation has occurred or is imminent and sensations at the vulva are no longer wet or slippery.

Avoid intercourse on any day of discharge or bleeding which interrupts the Basic Infertile Pattern. Avoid intercourse on days metthod heavy bleeding during menstruation. To achieve a pregnancy you apply the Early Day Rules so you can clearly identify when you become potentially fertile.

The Luteal Phase If the egg is not fertalised there is a period mehtod about 14 days after ovulation the luteal phase before menstruation begins Figure 9.

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